Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Luiz Bonfa - Six Classic Album I


Amor! The Fabolous Guitar:

This CD is more like American easy listening music than the Brazilian music I associate with Luis Bonfa. Some of the songs have flute or horn with guitar background. Even so, it is very well performed and recording quality is very good. He does three songs that he did not write and this makes the flavor of his music obvious. As usual the guitar work is superb. There doesn't seem to be the passion as in some of his other work, perhaps because of the ensemble format. Some of the songs are too short or at least for me I wish they could have been extended. In summary, I would say this was easy listening with a little bit of Brazilian flavor. Bonfa's guitar is always beautiful and enjoyable. You can't go wrong if you enjoy guitar music to go with Luiz Bonfa. - by Lee Whiteside, Amazon.com

Artist: Luiz Bonfa
Album: Six Classic Album I
De Cigarro en Cigarro (1956, Atlantic) 1-8; Amor! The Fabolous Guitar (1958, Atlantic) 9-15.
Year: 2018
Label: Reel To Reel Music
Runtime: 37:10

1.  De Cigarro en Cigar (Luiz Bonfa) 3:08 
2.  Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen / E.Y. "Yip" Harburg)  2:53 
3.  Meu sonho (Gui Boratto / Ramilson Maia) 2:40 
4.  Carnaval de Ontem (Luiz Bonfa) 2:37 
5.  Esquiando (Luiz Bonfa) 2:18 
6.  Adios (Luiz Bonfa) 2:29 
7.  The Song Is You (Jerome Kern) 3:29 
8.  Te Quiero....Dijiste (María Mendez Grever / Charles Pasquale) 2:36 
9.  Brasilia (Luiz Bonfa) 2:16 
10.  I'll Remember April (Don Raye / Gene DePaul) 2:33 
11.  Lonely Lament (Luiz Bonfa) 2:35 
12.  Carnival (Luiz Bonfa) 1:42 
13.  George Back In Town (Luiz Bonfa) 1:33 
14.  Blue Madrid (Luiz Bonfa) 1:50 
15.  Island Of Trinidade (Luiz Bonfa) 2:31 

Luiz Bonfa (Guitar) 
Jorge Henrique (Organ) - 1-8 
Eduardo Lincoln (Double Bass) - 1-8 
Joao Stockler (Drums) - 1-8 
George Shearing (Piano) - 9-15 
Tommy Lopez (Bongos, Congas) - 9-15 
Ralph Freundlich (Flute) - 9-15 
Don Elliott (Mellophone, Triangle, Vibraphone) - 9-15 



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