Saturday, March 14, 2020

Herbie Mann- First Light - The Family of Man

Actually released as a "band" recording by the Family of Mann, First Light offers an enjoyable mix of accessible, melodic jazz penned by Herbie Mann and his band mates. In addition to Mann's flute and alto flute, Sam Brown's tasty acoustic guitar work and David Newman's smoky tenor sax highlight the album. Longtime Mann collaborator and keyboardist Pat Rebillot provides solid support along with the rhythm section made up of studio stalwarts Tony Levin and Steve Gadd. This album is more laidback than most of the Mann catalog from the era, with the rhythmic variations and complementary interplay between the musicians contributing to the feeling of a real band. First Light is one of the classiest and most unified recordings of Herbie Mann's long career. - by Jim Newsom, AMG

Artist: Herbie Mann
Album: First Light - The Family of Mann
Year: 1974
Label: Warner Japan (24bit remastered)
Runtime: 39:09

1.  Toot Stick 2:20 (Herbie Mann)
2.  Davey Blue 4:37 (David Newman)
3.  Daffodil 2:58 (Tony Levin)
4.  The Turtle and the Frog 2:40 (Herbie Mann / Steve Gadd)
5.  Muh Hoss Knows the Way 2:18 (Sam Brown)
6.  Music Is a Game We Play 4:37  (Tony Levin)
7.  Sunrise Highs 9:17 (Sam Brown)
8.  Thank You Mr. Rushing 3:05 (Pat Rebillot)
9.  Mexicali 4:17 (Herbie Mann)
10.  Lullaby for Mary Elizabeth 3:00 (Herbie Mann / Steve Gadd)

Herbie Mann (Flute)
Tony Levin (Bass Guitar)
Steve Gadd (Drums, Kalimba)
Sam Brown (Guitar)
Pat Rebillot (Keyboards)
Armen Halburian (Percussion)
David "Fathead" Newman (Tenor Saxophone, Flute)
Carlos "Patato" Valdes (Congas) - 1

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