Friday, February 8, 2019

Eddie Harris - Live At Newport

Eddie Harris hit the 1970 Newport Jazz Festival head on with his satchel of electronic sax gear, funky soul/jazz track record, and a quartet with Jodie Christian now anchored on electric piano. Naturally there would be some funk on display ("Carry on Brother") and guest vocalist Eugene McDaniels, composer of "Compared to What," comes up with a lame, hectoring sequel, "Silent Majority." Yet a good deal of this truncated edition of Harris' Newport set is pitched at a more abstract level. "Don't You Know the Future's in Space," with its tumbling drums and outbreaks of near freeform reed trumpet (a Harris invention), is already in progress when we fade into the track, and "South Side" is a rough-and-tumble jazz sprint, with Harris delivering a complex cerebral solo. These advanced tracks didn't win him any points with the critics of the time but hindsight reveals that harmonically as well as electronically, Harris was ahead of most of the pack. As a bonus, the LP includes a short post-set speech in which Harris prophesizes that his reed trumpet will be a godsend for brass players (who, alas, completely ignored it). - by Richard S. Ginell, AMG

Artist: Eddie Harris
Album: Live At Newport
Year: 1970 (Atlantic Records)
Label: WEA Japan, 2013 - 24bit ResolutionCD)
Runtime: 38:31
Recorded live at Newport Jazz Festival

1.  Children's Song (Eddie Harris) 6:13
2.  Carry On Brother (Eddie Harris) 5:12
3.  Don't You Know Your Future's In Space (Eddie Harris) 8:06
4.  Silent Majority (Gene McDaniels) 5:47
5.  Walk Soft (Eddie Harris) 4:15
6.  South Side (Eddie Harris) 8:55

Eddie Harris (Tenor Saxophone, Varitone)
Jodie Christian (Piano, Electric Piano)
Louis Spears (Double Bass)
Robert Crowder (Drums)
Eugene McDaniels (Vocals) - 4



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