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Herbie Mann - Seven Classic Albums vol.3 (Disc III)

Musician Herbie Mann was born Herbert Jay Solomon on April 16, 1930 in Brooklyn, N.Y. After exploring the Army, Mann joined the Mat Mathews's Quintet and began recording work. He did some music writing for T.V., but his real joy came from his project with the Afro-Jazz Sextet, which was an international success. Mann's musical interests were not limited to jazz; he also played bop, rock, pop, reggae, and disco. Mann has also been a producer and record label owner. He has recorded almost one hundred albums for more than ten recording companies. -

Mann Alone:
Mann Alone is solo album by American jazz flautist Herbie Mann featuring tracks recorded in 1957 for the Savoy label. -

Salute to the Flute:
Salute to the Flute (reissued as When Lights Are Low) is an album by American jazz flautist Herbie Mann featuring tracks recorded in 1957 for the Epic label. -

This Portrait LP (a 1988 reissue of an Epic album titled Salute to the Flute) found flutist Herbie Mann accompanied for the first time by a big band on five of the nine selections. Prior to 1959, virtually all of Mann's recordings were bop-oriented, and this one is no exception. Whether it be "Little Niles," "When Lights Are Low," "Beautiful Love" or even "Old Honky Tonk Piano Roll Blues," Mann proves to be an excellent bop soloist; other important players on this date include trumpeter Joe Wilder, altoist Anthony Ortega, pianist Hank Jones, guitarist Joe Puma and bassist Oscar Pettiford. This LP will be a difficult one to find. - by Scott Yanow, AMG


Mann Alone:
1.  Happy Happy 3:30
2.  Looking Thru the Window 4:00
3.  Like, You Know, Baby 5:50
4.  Love 5:15
5.  All Day Monday 6:20
6.  From Midnight On 3:25
7.  For the Love of Kali 4:21
8.  Ruth, Ruth 3:42
All compositions by Herbie Mann
Recorded in NYC, USA, May 9, 1957

Herbie Mann (Flute, Alto Flute)

Salute to the Flute:
9.  When Lights Are Low (Benny Carter) 6:02
10.  Little Niles (Randy Weston) 6:11
11.  Old Honkie Tonk Piano Roll Blues (Herbie Mann) 4:43
12.  Pretty Baby (A.K. Salim) 4:58

Herbie Mann (Flute, Vocals)
Anthony Ortega (Alto Saxophone)
Sol Schlinger (Baritone Saxophone)
Oscar Pettiford (Double Bass)
Philly Joe Jones (Drums) - 2,4,
Gus Johnson (Drums) - 1,3
Joe Puma (Guitar)
Hank Jones (Piano)
Dave Kurtzer (Bassoon)
Dick Hafer (Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone)
Chauncey Welsch (Trombone) - 1
Urbie Green (Trombone) - 1
Bernie Glow (Trumpet) - 1
Don Stratton (Trumpet) - 1
Joe Wilder (Trumpet) - 1



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