Monday, April 30, 2018

Ruben Gonzalez - Chanchullo

While perhaps a little bit more rambling and less focused than his American solo debut Introducing Ruben Gonzalez, this album nonetheless presents some lush piano arrangements supported by mellow Cuban percussion. Gonzalez is an extremely fluid player and his sometimes complex improvisations seem to constantly come off without a hitch, which is amazing considering that he is in his eighties. The songs range from sweet and light to more passionate and forceful, but throughout, Gonzalez's unique sense of joy shines through. This album also features a brief appearance from vocalist Ibrahim Ferrer, who gained fame with Gonzalez through his work with the Buena Vista Social Club. That project has spawned a number of albums which, surprisingly, have nearly all been quality productions. This recording is certainly not the exception to the rule. - by Stacia Proefock, AMG

Artist: Ruben Gonzalez
Album: Chanchullo
Year: 2000
Label: World Circuit
Runtime: 51:03

1.  Chanchullo (Israel Lopez) 5:12
2.  De Una Manera Espantosa (Arsenio Rodriguez) 4:18
3.  La Lluvia 5:18 (Amadio Valdes/Orlando " Cachaito"Lopez/Miguel "Angá" Diaz/Jesus " Aguaje" Ramos/Rubén González)
4.  Central Constancia (Enrique Jorrín) 5:57
5.  Quizás, Quizás (Joe Davis/Osvaldo Farrés) 2:29
6.  Choco's Guajira (Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros) 6:52
7.  Si Te Contará (Félix Reina) 1:28
8.  El Bodeguero (Richard Egües) 5:12
9.  Isora Club (Coralia Lopez/Israel "Cachao" Lopez) 5:35
10.  Rico Vacilón (Rossendo Ruiz, Jr) 4:12
11.  Pa' Gozar (Aristides Soto/Tata Güines) 4:30

Ruben Gonzalez (Piano)
Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez (Double Bass)
Amadito Valdes (Timbalez)
Angel Terry (Congas)
Roberto Garcia (Bongos, Cowbell, Guiro)
Alberto Valdes (Maracas)
Alejandro Pichardo Perez (Guiro, Cave)
Manuel Mirabal (Trumpet)
Jesus Ramos (Trombone, Vocals)
Miguel "Angá" Diaz (Congas) - 2,3,6
Ibrahim Ferrer (Vocals) - 2,6
Richard Egües (Flute) - 4,5
Cheikh Lo (Vocals) - 6
Lazaro Villa (Vocals) - 4
Joaquín Oliveiras (Flute) - 4
Javier Zalba (Baritone Saxophone) - 1
Lazaro Ordonez Enriquez (Violin) - 4
Eliades Ochoa (Guitar) - 5
Papi Oviedo (Tres) - 6
Ry Cooder (Tres) - 10
Joachim Cooder (Drums) - 10


  1. Big thanks for this....I have the CD somewhere, but when I looked for it all I could find was the cardboard slip case! Annoying because this album was a present, and an album I love....So, I'm downloading now and at least will have the music again until the original CD turns up! Agian, thanks very much



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