Monday, March 26, 2018

James Blood Ulmer - Blues Preacher

This effort from controversial guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer sticks to a harsh blues-rock groove, with many of the one-chord vamps sounding like they are leftovers from John Lee Hooker's repertoire. There are no harmolodics (and little jazz) to be heard on the CD, and this rather primitive music is to be recommended only to fans of Ulmer's shouting vocals. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

The former accolyte of free-jazz greats like Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra shows that he can also follow Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed, in one of the earliest of his long string of intense straight blues albums. Electric guitar is unusual in experimental jazz, but Blood's guitar work (and writing)is a bit unusual anywhere. I do detect some Jimmy Rogers influence in spots, and maybe some jazzier Texans like Gatemouth Brown. I like him, but it might be an acquired taste. Jazz is the teacher/Funk is the preacher. by- Mark Schlezinger,

Artist: James Blood Ulmer
Album: Blues Preacher
Year: 1993
Label: Diw Records
Recorded at the Sound on Sound Studios, New York City, USA (September-November, 1993)

1.  Cheering 6:45 
2.  Alone To Wonder 6:17 
3.  Let Me Take You Home 5:15 
4.  Who Let The Cat Out Of The Bag? 4:37 
5.  Jazz Is The Teacher 6:45 
6.  Justice For Us All 5:05 
7.  Nobody But You 5:40 
8.  Blues Alnight 6:30 
9.  Get Up 7:35 
10.  Angel 7:05 
All music by James Blood Ulmer

James Blood Ulmer (Electric Guitar, Flute, Vocals)
Aubrey Dayle (Drums)
Mark Peterson (Electric Bass)
Ronald "Head" Drayton (Electric Guitar)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kari Bremnes - You'd Have To Be Here

Some say this album has more impact than Norwegian mood, others say it is a project to itself, We say This is a Kari Bremnes album just as she is, the ability of interpreting life with her songs and life is as diverse as it comes! I like the rock guitar every now and than, I adore her voice and love these lyrics. The music is for everybody and yet in order to understand you must have lived a bit. - Music

Kari Bremnes will live up to her reputation as Norwegian Joni Mitchell at the 13th album. Like her US colleague, the singer and songwriter from the Lofoten Island once again infatuates with beautiful melodies, intense emotions and verse lines full of language skills. For ten of her own compositions and an adaptation of Sandy Dennis's classic "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" she has created a melancholy-brittle folk rock with companions such as trumpeter Nils Petter Molvar, as he can come in the color only from the far north. As soon as these wistful sounds resound, the listener inevitably sees fjords passing through the skies of Midsummer Night and Polar Lights. For the second English-language album (after Norwegian Mood, 2000) Kari Bremne has translated more recent songs from her home idiom. Although some intellectual refinements and metaphors fell by the wayside, the Scandinavian woman is still fascinated by very rich text ideas. For example, in "Protection" she ponders over the security of childhood, which one painfully misses as an adult. "I See You" tells the story of a couple whose love has crept over the years. In the title track "You'd Have To Be Here" we meet a woman who wants to share everything in life with her loved one, before the transience of earthly existence strikes mercilessly. And in the song "Can It Really Be Years", it's all about unfulfilled dreams, unfulfilled life plans. All this gives Bremnes an expressiveness that is second to none, not only in Europe. - by Harald Kepler,

Artist: Kari Bremnes
Album: You'd Have To Be Here
Year: 2003
Label: Strange Ways Records
Runtime: 42:42

1.  You'd Have To Be There (Kari Bremnes) 4:19
2.  Protection (Kari Bremnes) 3:45
3.  Can It Really Be Years (Kari Bremnes) 4:16
4.  Zarepta (Kari Bremnes/Petter Henriksen) 3:53
5.  A Fantastic Time Already (Kari Bremnes) 3:52
6.  Full Control (Kari Bremnes) 4:18
7.  I See You (Kari Bremnes) 2:23
8.  I Would Like To Go (Kari Bremnes) 4:13
9.  Waltz (Kari Bremnes) 3:54
10.  Look Homeward, Angel (Kari Bremnes) 3:26
11.  Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Sandy Denny) 4:23

Kari Bremnes (Vocals)
Nils Petter Molvaer (Trumpet)
Bengt Hanssen (Keyboards)
Borge Petersen-Overleir (Guitar)
Gjermund Silset (Double Bass)
Arnfinn Bergrabb (Drums)
Stig-Ove Ose (Viola)


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