Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Abbey Lincoln - Who Used To Dance

Abbey Lincoln, 65 at the time of this recording, still had a reasonably strong voice at this point in her career, and although she showed signs of mellowing now and then, she was still capable of performing fiery musical statements. This Verve release mostly emphasizes slow tempos and melancholy moods. The nostalgic "Who Used to Dance" (featuring Savion Glover's tapdancing) is a highlight, and "Street of Dreams" works well, although "Mr. Tambourine Man" is not too essential. Six different saxophonists (five of them altoists) appear on the date (usually one on a song), and despite the diversity in styles (from Steve Coleman to Frank Morgan), their subsidiary roles and respectful playing find them all sounding fairly similar. An interesting but not overly essential outing. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Abbey Lincoln
Album: Who Used To Dance
Year: 1997
Label: Verve Records
Runtime: 61:29
Recorded at the Clinton Recording Studios, New York City, April-May, 1996

1.  Love Has Gone Away (Abbey Lincoln) 7:34
2.  Who Used To Dance (Abbey Lincoln) 9:41
3.  Love Lament (R.B. Lynch) 7:14
4.  Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan) 6:55
5.  When Autumn Sings (R.B. Lynch) 4:09
6.  Love What You Doin' (Abbey Lincoln) 8:27
7.  Street Of Dreams (Sam Lewis/Victor Young) 6:36
8.  I Sing A Song (Abbey Lincoln) 5:50
9.  The River (Abbey Lincoln) 5:00

Abbey Lincoln (Vocals)
Marc Cary (Piano) - 1-8
Michael Bowie (Double Bass) - 1-8
Aaron Walker (Drums and Percussion) - 1,2,4,7,8
Alvester Garnett (Drums) - 2,5,6
Steve Coleman (Alto Saxophone) - 1,6,7
Oliver Lake (Alto Saxophone) - 6,9
Frank Morgan (Alto Saxophone) - 3,5
Riley T. Bandy (Alto Saxophone) - 6,8
Savion Glover (Tap Dance) - 2
Julien Lourau (Tenor Saxophone) - 4
Justin Robinson (Alto Saxophone) - 9
Graham Haynes (Cornet) - 9
Rodney Kendrick (Piano) - 9
John Ormond (Double Bass) - 9
Turu Alexander (Drums) - 9
Bazzi Bartholomew (Backing Vocals) - 9
Arthur Green (Backing Vocals) - 9

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