Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric - Ladal

A delight to the ears and fodder for the feet, Barabás’ mix of brassy jazz, electro-house and industrial beats was just what the doctor ordered to round-off the working week. A master of all he touches, his tools on the evening included the trumpet, keyboard/synthesiser, DJ mixing machines, sound-effect foot pedals and computer software. Single-handedly building industrial rhythms around the trumpet – his key instrument – accompanied by his other tools was more evidence of this artist’s ability to rise to a challenge. -

Artist: Barabás Lőrinc Eklektrik
Album: Ladal
Year: 2007
Label: Not On Label
Runtime: 56:37

1.  Noxville 5:15 
2.  Famous 4:15 
3.  Otto 5:47 
4.  Csak 4:29 
5.  Lomha 4:08 
6.  Coolhouse 3:07 
7.  Sunset 4:10 
8.  Ezazz 4:22 
9.  Ujdnb 4:24 
10.  Ladal 5:30 
11.  Wanna 4:00 
12.  Leon (live) 7:10 
All music by Barabás Lőrinc 

Barabás Lõrinc (Trumpet)
Bata István (Bass)
Delov Jávor (Drums)
Premecz Mátyás (Keyboards)
Élő Márton (Performer [Mpc], Scratches, Trombone)
MC Kemon (Rap)
MC Sena (Rap, Vocals)
Fábián Julianna (Vocals)


  1. Not only a great album but highly entertaining! I'm listening to it right now and I'm stuck! Thanks a lot!



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