Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton - Larry & Lee

Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour have had parallel careers, but this CD is their first joint meeting on record. The two guitarists complement each other well and there are hints of Wes Montgomery along with a tribute to Joe Pass ("Remembering J.P."), but the songs (all of them their originals) are little more than rhythmic grooves most of the time with the usual fadeouts. The consistently lightweight music is reasonably pleasing but never too stimulating. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

There is something special about two guitarists trading licks back and forth. Funny how four years after this album Larry Carlton would end up replacing Lee Ritenour in the group Foreplay. This album will not disappoint you if you're a fan of either guitarist. Both men are incredibly talented with the guitar, and play with real drive and emotion. The album starts out with a great tune in "Crosstown Kids", which prepares you for what's to come. "L.A. Underground" really steps it up with Ritenour leading the way, breaking in several places to give Carlton a place to play. On the cut, "After the Rain" they lay back and play a very smooth piece before turning it up again on "Remembering". Throughout the album, these guitarists use each other to springboard to new levels of playing. They take turns expanding on an idea, combining their styles to really bring out some fun music. There is some very good stuff on this album. Ritenour's smooth playing is counterbalanced by the bluesy edge of Carlton's. The complement is enjoyable, and it gives quite a coloring to the music. Guitar fans should find this album very impressive. It is one that I keep revisiting. - by Russell Diederich,

Artist: Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton
Album: Larry & Lee
Year: 1995
Label: GRP Records
Runtime: 60:19

1.  Crosstown Kids (Lee Ritenour) 5:01
2.  Low Steppin' (Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton)  6:25
3.  L.A. Underground (Lee Ritenour) 5:46
4.  Closed Door Jam (Lee Ritenour & Lee Carlton) 4:59
5.  After the Rain (Lee Ritenour) 4:44
6.  Remembering J.P. (Larry Carlton) 4:48
7.  Fun in the Dark (Lee Ritenour) 5:25
8.  Lots About Nothin' (Larry Carlton) 6:15
9.  Take That (Lee Ritenour) 4:53
10.  Up and Adam (Lee Ritenour & Lee Carlton) 6:11
11.  Reflection of a Guitar Player (Lee Ritenour & Lee Carlton) 5:52

Lee Ritenour (Guitar, Synthesizer, Sampling, Drum Programming)
Larry Carlton (Guitar, Keyboards)
Omar Hakim (Drums) - 1,4,6-9,11
Larry Williams (Synthesizer, Tenor Saxophone) - 1-3,7,9
Melvin Davis (Bass Guitar) - 1-4,6-11
Dave Witham (Keyboards) - 1-3,5,7,10
Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) - 1,3,5,7,9
Gary Grant (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) - 1,3,5,7,9
Bill Reichenbach (Trombone) - 1,3,5,7,9
Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards) - 1,7,9,11
Harvey Mason (Drums) - 2,3,5,10
Cassio Duarte (Percussion) - 1-3,7
Rick Jackson (Keyboards) - 4,6,8

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