Monday, November 28, 2016

Gandalf - Frame By Frame

Special Soundtrack Album – A collection of picturesque pieces written and produced by Gandalf in 2013 as the music-score for various projects, mostly for the TV-documentary “Das Steinzeiträtsel” (The Stone Age Enigma) by Ronald & Roswitha Vaughan. -

As a painter of musical landscapes whose music is largely inspired by the beauty of nature as well as by the art and mythology of different cultures, Gandalf finds himself at Prudence among souls of souls. As one of the masters of his genre, the versatile musician, composer and producer has created his unique personal music style. It combines a variety of acoustic instruments (guitars, sitar, saz, charango, bouzuki, piano, balaphone, bells and percussion) with spherical keyboard sounds. It interweaves folkloric melodic arches with powerful orchestral arrangements. Gandalf is a "Magician of the Soul Sounds", his multi-colored compositions emanate peace and harmony and are balm for the soul. Many people exhausted by the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life find consolation and healing. The artist's vision of breaking the boundaries between musical categories and styles and developing a music that appeals to people regardless of mother tongue or skin color has made him one of the most successful Austrian musicians of our time. In addition to numerous CD releases, Gandalf also composed music for theater and film, worked with symphonic orchestras ( "Symphonic Landscapes", 1990) and played with international artists such as the legendary ex-genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. His CDs are played by radio stations around the planet, in the USA his music has been called "classical music of the 21st century".

Artist: Gandalf (Heinz Strobl)
Album: Frame By Frame
Year: 2013
Label: Prudence Records
Runtime: 63:40

1.  Ancient Wisdom Recalled 3:40
2.  Love Will Last 4:59
3.  Amongst Green Fields 7:42
4.  Sleeping Giants of Stone 6:21
5.  The House by the River 6:30
6.  Echoes from the Past 4:44
7.  Enchanted Garden 7:27
8.  Ancient Wisdom Recalled II 1:24
9.  March of No return 5:18
10.  Heartbridges 4:13
11.  Sea of Sorrow 2:11
12.  Beyond Fear 4:04
13.  Sea of Sorrow II 1:33
14.  Rainbow Sky 3:27
All compositions by Heinz Strobl

Heinz Strobl (aka Gandalf) (Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Percussion)
Merike Hilmar (Cello)
Karin Leitner (Flute, Whistle)
Nicky Eggl (Whistle, Bodhran)
Monika Stadler (Harp)
Vasilie Marian (Oboe, English Horn)

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