Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Radio Tarifa - Temporal

Started around 1990, Radio Tarifa is a Spanish ensemble that has come into its own as a purveyor of pan-Mediterranean musical styles from across time. With a penchant for traditional gypsy pieces from Persia, North Africa, and their homeland, Radio Tarifa provides musical proof of the continuity of gypsy music throughout the world (a fact explicated in the film Latcho Drom with equal effectiveness). For their second release, Temporal, the ensemble concentrates on traditional material from Iberia, with pieces culled from Galician, Andalucian, Castilian, and Flamenco culture.
Reflecting the distinctly Middle Eastern influence -- via Moorish culture -- in Spanish music, many of the cuts here feature such Persian, Arabic, and North African instruments, including the tar lute, ney flute, and derbouka clay drum. The group also use Greek and Indian instruments, not to mention both medieval and modern devices like the crumhorn wind instrument, organ, and electric bass. This rich mix is topped off by some excellent vocal performances. Another fine title in the group's small but stellar catalog. - by Stephen Cook, AMG

Artist: Radio Tarifa
Album: Temporal
Year: 1996
Label: BMG
Runtime: 43:52

1.  La Tarara (Traditional/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 3:22
2.  Las Cuevas (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 5:11
3.  Canción Sefardi (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 4:22
4.  Baile de Almut (Fain S. Duenas) 3:50
5.  Solea (Traditional/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 4:29
6.  Tangos de la Condición (Traditional/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 4:22
7.  Conductus (Traditional/arr. Fain S. Duenas/Vincent Molino/Ramiro Amusategui) 4:04
8.  Temporal (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 5:31
9.  El Mandil de Carolina (Traditional/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 3:56
10.  Vestido de Flores (Traditional/Benjamin Escoriza/arr. Fain S. Duenas) 4:40

Fain S. Duenas (Banjo, Bouzouki, Bass Guitar, Spanish Guitarand Percussion)
Benjamin Escoriza (Vocals) - 1,3,8-10
Peter Oteo (Bass Guitar) - 1-3,7,10
Vincent Molino (Nay, Cromornos, Oboe) - 1-3,5,7,9
Ramiro Amusategui (Oud) - 1,6,7
Wafir Sh. Gibril (Accordeon, Violin) - 1,6,10
Jaime Muela (Soprano and Tenor Saxophone) - 1,7
Sebastian Rubio (Percussion) - 1,4
Rafael Jimenez (Vocals) - 5,6
Joaquin Ruiz (Flamenco Dance) - 2
Cope Gutierrez (Hammond Organ) - 3
Javier Colina (Double Bass) - 8
Javier Paxarino (Bansuri Flute) - 8


  1. Radio Tarifa tuvo una vida corta pero dejó cinco discos espléndidos. Muchas gracias



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