Monday, October 3, 2016

Ike Quebec - Bossa Nova Soul Samba

This was veteran tenor saxophonist Ike Quebec's final recording as a leader. It was cut in October 1962 and produced by Alfred Lion a little more than three months before the saxophonist's death. Bossa Nova Soul Samba was recorded and released during the bossa nova craze, as Brazilian music was first brought to the attention of pop listeners via Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd's smash hit with Tom Jobim's "Desafinado," on their Jazz Samba record for Verve in February. After that, seemingly everyone was making a bossa nova record. Quebec's effort is a bit unusual in that none of the musicians (guitarist Kenny Burrell, bassist Wendell Marshall, drummer Willie Bobo, and percussionist Garvin Masseaux) was associated with Brazilian (as opposed to Afro-Cuban) jazz before this, and that there isn't a single tune written by Jobim on the set. Quebec emphasizes warm, long tones (reminiscent of Coleman Hawkins in a romantic fashion), and his sidemen play light and appealing but nonetheless authoritative bossa rhythms. Standout tracks here include Burrell's own "Loie," which opens the disc, "Goin' Home," based on a tune by classical composer Antonin Dvorák and arranged by Quebec -- he does the same with "Liebestraum" two tunes later -- and the stunning "Favela," by the crack composing team of Joraci Camargo and Heckel Tavares. The result is high-quality melodic Brazilian dance music with Burrell shining in particular. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Ike Quebec
Album: Bossa Nova Jazz Samba
Year: 1962
Label: Blue Note (Remastered, 1996)
Runtime: 48:30

1.  Loie (Kenny Burrell) 3:12
2.  Lloro Tu Despedida (Cabral/Joraci Camargo/Lacerda) 3:06
3.  Goin' Home (Antonin Dvorák) 5:43
4.  Me 'N You (Ike Quebec) 6:01
5.  Liebestraum (Franz Liszt) 3:44
6.  Shu Shu (Antonio Almeida/Carlos Monteiro DeSouza) 3:32
7.  Blue Samba (Ike Quebec) 5:23
8.  Favela (Joraci Camargo/Heckel Tavares) 4:02
9.  Linda Flor (Henrique Vogeler) 3:28
10.  Loie (Alternate Take) (Kenny Burrell) 3:36
11.  Shu Shu (Alternate Take) (Antonio Almeida/Carlos Monteiro DeSouza) 3:21
12.  Favela (Alternate Take) (Joraci Camargo/Heckel Tavares) 3:22

Ike Quebec (Tenor Saxophone)
Kenny Burrell (Guitar)
Wendell Marshall (Double Bass)
Willie Bobo (Drums)
Garvin Masseaux (Chekere)

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