Monday, August 29, 2016

Omara Portuondo - Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo

A beautifully executed and produced album by Omara Portuando, the only woman to appear on the original Buena Vista Social Club recordings. Portuando, who is one of Cuba's most acclaimed musicians and a featured performer at the Tropicana, has shown here that, at 70, she still possesses the qualities that helped develop her stardom on her native island. This recording, which covers a variety of traditional musical styles, from son to guajira to bolero, makes it easy to see why critics have called her the Edith Piaf of Cuba and "The Fiancée of Feeling." The style, especially on the second track, "He Perdido Contigo," evokes a nostalgic, old-fashioned sentiment, and the songwriting is classic. Featured performers include Rubén González on piano, Eliades Ochoa and Compay Segundo on guitar, and a full string section including Angel and Arelis Zaldivar. The performances are lively and tight, creating an album that feels nearly perfect. A full set of liner notes, including English translations of all of the lyrics, makes the album even more accessible. by Stacia Proefock, AMG

Artist: Omara Portuondo
Album: Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo
Year: 2000
Label: World Circuit
Runtime: 40:45

1.  La Sitiera (Rafael Lopez) 3:57
2.  He Perdido Contigo (Luis Cardenas / Maria Teresa Vera) 3:49
3.  Dónde Estabas Tú (Ernesto Duarte) 3:47
4.  Mariposita De Primavera (Miguel Matamoros) 2:54
5.  Canta Lo Sentimental (Y. De La Fuente / Urbano Gomez Montiel) 3:26
6.  Ella Y Yo (Oscar Hernandez) 3:24
7.  No Me Vayas A Enganar (Osvaldo Farrés) 2:53
8.  No Me Llores Más (Arsenio Rodríguez) 4:59
9.  Veinte Anos (Maria Teresa Vera) 4:43
10.  El Hombre Que Yo Amé (The Man I Love) (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin) 3:11
11.  Siempre En Mi Corazón (Ernesto Lecuona) 3:42

Omara Portuondo (Vocals)
Panteleon Sanchez (Alto Saxophone)
Javier Zalba (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone)
Danie Valdes (Backing Vocals)
Teresita Garcia Caturla (Backing Vocals)
Xiomara Valdes (Backing Vocals)
Ventura Gutierrez (Baritone Saxophone)
Filiberto Sanchez (Bongos)
Arelis Zaldivar (Cello)
Roy Avila Serrano (Cello)
Lazaro Villa (Claves, Backing Vocals)
Angel Terry Domech (Congas)
Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez (Double Bass)
Roberto Garcia (Guiro)
Ruben Gonzales (Keyboards)
Alberto "Virgilio" Valdes (Maracas)
Antonio Jimenez (Tenor Saxophone)
Carlos Fernandez (Tenor Saxophone)
Rafael Jenks (Tenor Saxophone)
Amadito Valdes (Timbales)
Antonio Leal (Trombone)
Jesus Ramos (Trombone, Backing Vocals)
Alejandro Pichardo (Trumpet)
Daniel Ramos (Trumpet)
Yanko Pichardo (Trumpet)
Yaure Muniz (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Eliades Ochoa (Guitar) - 1,2
Alberto Valdes (Claves) - 4
Manuel Galban (Guitar) - 5
Roger Beaujolais (Vibraphone) - 5
Haskell Armenteros (Clarinet) - 6
Rafael Lazaro Inciarte (Clarinet) - 6
Gilberto Oviedo (Tres) - 8
Ibrahim Ferrer (Vocals) - 8
Benito Suarez (Guitar) - 6
Compay Segundo (Guitar) - 6
Carlos Gonzalez (Bongos) - 11


  1. you have to really really really want an album to deal with the horrible file hosts that you use. i really want this one. what a nightmare. been trying off and on for over an hour to download. in a couple more hours i'll find out if i've been successful. i'll come back and thank you for the share if i am.


  2. finally got it. thank you.
    please consider other file hosts; wetransfer, zippy, mega, etc.


  3. Easy download and much appreciated! Thank you!



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