Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gabor Szabo - Mizrab

Gabor Szabo, who always had an original sound on the guitar (displaying his Hungarian heritage), is backed by a string section, horns and a rhythm section (including bassist Ron Carter and either Billy Cobham or Jack DeJohnette on drums) on this Bob James production. For the program which has not yet reissued on CD, Szabo performs two originals, a pair of pop tunes and an adaptation of a Shostakovich classical concerto. The music is well played but not particularly memorable. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Guitarist Gabor Szabo began his apprenticeship with Creed Taylor’s profitable but often critically-slighted CTI Records with this above-average collection of fusion and pop/jazz. The long Szabo compositions on side one, "Mizrab" and "Thirteen," are excellent showcases for the alluring, hypnotic and surprising chemistry between the guitarist and the electric keyboards of Bob James. Shostakovich, Carole King and Seals & Crofts get workouts here too. Szabo is in top-form on MIZRAB, well-supported by the excellent contributions of bassist Ron Carter and drummers Jack DeJohnette and Billy Cobham. Deserves to be reissued on CD. -

Artist: Gabor Szabo
Album: Mizrab
Year: 1972 (CTI)
Label: King Records (Japan, 2002)
Runtime: 36:33

1.  Mizrab (Gabor Szabo) 9:35
2.  Thirteen (Gabor Szabo) 9:16
3.  It's Going To Take Some Time (Carole King)4:14
4.  Concerto (Dimitri Shostakovitch) 7:20
5.  Summer Breeze (Darrell Crofts/Jim Seals) 6:06

Gabor Szabo (Guitar)
Bob James (Piano, Organ)
Ron Carter (Double Bass)
Billy Cobham (Drums) - 1,3
Jack DeJohnette (Drums) - 2,4,5
Ralph MacDonald (Percussion)
Margaret Ross (Harp)
Marvin Stamm (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Wayne Andre (Trombone)
James Buffington (French Horn)
Brooks Tillotson (French Horn)
John Campo (Bassoon, Bass Clarinet)
Sidney Weinberg (Oboe, English Horn)
Hubert Laws (Flute)
George Marge (Oboe, Clarinet, Recorder)



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