Monday, January 18, 2016

Nina Simone - In Concert

This is probably the most personal album that Simone issued during her stay on Philips in the mid-'60s. On most of her studio sessions, she worked with orchestration that either enhanced her material tastefully or smothered her, and she tackled an astonishingly wide range of material that, while admirably eclectic, made for uneven listening. Here, the singer and pianist is backed by a spare, jazzy quartet, and some of the songs rank among her most socially conscious declarations of African-American pride: "Old Jim Crow," "Pirate Jenny," "Go Limp," and, especially, "Mississippi Goddam" were some of the most forthright musical reflections of the Civil Rights movement to be found at the time. In a more traditional vein, she also reprises her hit "I Loves You, Porgy" and the jazz ballad "Don't Smoke in Bed." - by Richie Unterberger, AMG

The piano and vocalist virtuoso at the top of her artistic expression. Her version of the Pirate Jenny soliloque from the Three Penny Opera is chilling. Her "Plain Gold Ring" brought me to tears with the inherent sadness of the portrayal of love lost and put aside. Nina Simone is another artist gone too soon. - by Rodney Brown,

Artist: Nina Simone
Album: Nina Simone in Concert
Year: 1964 (Philips, Recorded at the Carnegie Hall, New York City)
Label: Universal (2006)
Runtime: 35:30

1.  I Loves You, Porgy (Ira Gershwin/George Gershwin/Dubose Heyward) 2:32
2.  Plain Gold Ring (George Stone) 6:20
3.  Pirate Jenny (Marc Blitzstein/Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill) 6:37
4.  Old Jim Crow (Jackie Alper/Nina Simone/Ron Vander Groef) 2:40
5.  Don't Smoke in Bed (Willard Robison) 5:27
6.  Go Limp (Alex Comfort/Nina Simone) 7:01
7.  Mississippi Goddam (Nina Simone) 4:53

Nina Simone (Vocals, Piano)
Rudy Stevenson (Guitar)
Lisle Atkinson (Double Bass)
Bobby Hamilton (Drums)


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