Sunday, October 18, 2015

Charlie Mariano & Quique Sinesi - Tango para Charlie

Enrique "Quique" Sinesi, who joins alto saxophonist Charlie Mariano on these recordings, is a strong solo guitarist with a very distinctive musicality... On "Tango para Charlie" this solo wizard encounters the sublime melodic magic of one of the great saxophonist in jazz. The wonder of Mariano has always been his stylistic openness, his ability to go from Kenton to Karnataka, from Pierce to Pork Pie without compromising his personal voice, his "jazz" style. So when Sinesi boards his 7-string Spanish Guitar and sets up a tango groove employing the meanest bass string on any side of the ocean, Mariano counters with cool and jazzy melodic lines the abstarct the groove toward that openness of the "two"... - by Stephan Richter from the original liner notes

Artist: Charlie Mariano & Quique Sinesi
Album: Tango para Charlie
Year: 2001
Label: Enja
Runtime: 58:20

1.  Berliner Tanguismos Part I (Quique Sinesi) 5:15
2.  Berliner Tanguismos Part II (Quique Sinesi) 2:46
3.  Berliner Tanguismos Part III (Quique Sinesi) 5:34
4.  Berliner Tanguismos Part IV (Quique Sinesi) 4:25
5.  The Lady (Charlie Mariano) 7:15
6.  Faluseando (Quique Sinesi) 2:23
7.  Zephyr (Charlie Mariano) 7:20
8.  Tarde De Lluvia En Köln (Quique Sinesi) 5:41
9.  Alta Paz (Quique Sinesi) 4:31
10.  If Only (Charlie Mariano) 4:11
11.  Tango para Charlie (Quique Sinesi) 6:54
12.  Gone (Charlie Mariano) 1:57

Charlie Mariano (Alto Saxophone and Flute)
Quique Sinesi (Spanish Guitar, Charango and Piccolo Guitar)


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