Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shorty Rogers - Jazz Waltz

Shorty Rogers' Jazz Waltz is exactly that, an exploration of ten compositions played in waltz settings. Only these big-band charts are hardly the waltzes heard on Lawrence Welk's long-running television series. Rogers kicks off with a swinging number ("I'm Gonna Go Fishin'") written by Duke Ellington for the soundtrack to the film Anatomy of a Murder and featuring the leader's rich flügelhorn. The lyrical take of the centuries-old folk melody "Greensleeves" alternates between the tense rhythm section and Bud Shank's gorgeous flute solo. Rogers' delightful "Be as Children" almost sounds as if it was adapted from a gospel song. The brisk treatment of Ellington's "Echoes of Harlem," featuring Paul Horn on flute, is refreshing. Only Bobby Scott's "A Taste of Honey" is the least bit disappointing, simply because this arrangement isn't quite as adventurous as the rest of the album. - by Ken Dryden, AMG

Artist: Shorty Rogers
Album: Jazz Waltz
Year: 1963 (Reprise)
Label: WEA Japan (24bit remastered, 2014)
Runtime: 40:11

1.  I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (Duke Ellington/Peggy Lee) 4:33
2.  Greensleeves (Traditional) 5:27
3.  Walk on the Wild Side (Elmer Bernstein) 4:17
4.  Witchcraft (Cy Coleman/Carolyn Leigh) 2:57
5.  Be as Children (Shorty Rogers) 3:35
6.  Jazz Waltz (Shorty Rogers) 4:06
7.  Echoes of Harlem (Duke Ellington) 4:41
8.  A Taste of Honey (Ric Marlowe/Bobby Scott) 2:52
9.  Terrence's Farewell (Shorty Rogers) 3:34
10.  The Streets of Laredo (Shorty Rogers) 4:05

Shorty Rogers (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Bud Shank (Alto Saxophone) - 1,3,5,6
Joe Maini (Alto Saxophone) - 1,3,5,6
Paul Horn (Alto Saxophone, Flute) - 2,4,7,10
Bill Hood (Baritone Saxophone) - 1,3,5,6
Joe Mondragon (Double Bass)
Mel Lewis (Drums)
Lou Levy (Piano)
Bill Perkins (Tenor Saxophone) - 1,3,5,6
Bob Cooper (Tenor Saxophone) - 1,3,5,6
Harry Betts (Trombone) - 1,3,5,6
Milt Bernhardt (Trombone) - 1,3,5,6
George Roberts (Bass Trombone) - 1,3,5,6
Kenny Shroyer (Bass Trombone)
Al Porcino (Trumpet) - 1,3,5,6
Ray Tiscari (Trumpet) - 1,3,5,6
Joe Burnett (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Ollie Mitchell (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Emil Richards (Vibraphone) - 2,4,7,10
Larry Bunker (Vibraphone) - 1,3,5,6


  1. Great choice ! I have it but under Collectables label. To get this Reprise is much better, thanks to you !

  2. Thanks itr for this Shorty Rogers album



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