Monday, May 4, 2015

Luisa Sobral - There's A Flower In My Bedroom

Portuguese music continues to enjoy an enviable health, which pleases us greatly that we are neighbors and friends yet. Born in Lisbon 25 years ago, the singer-songwriter Luisa Sobral, he surprised two years ago with his album-debut entitled "The Cherry On My Cake", which fuses jazz and pop with American performers preferably reserved for talent. On occasion, she commented that in jazz, the audience is too fixed in the instrumental aspects and little letters, so with his music,
intended to claim the role of excellent composer and writer. His tenure in New York and the School of Music Breklee, have provided a link with the world of jazz and other music, in which the references to the style divas as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington are unavoidable but always as a fulcrum and never pretentious imitation or something, because Luisa has a personality that projects in each and every one of his creations. If I had to compare it to someone you know than enough, I would go for Madeleine Peyroux. Your voice reminds me of the American singer and also something Frenchified atmosphere that both cause in some of his songs. Two years have passed since the release of their first album and Luisa Sobral released "There's A Flower In My Bedroom", confirming the expectations of the quality and originality demonstrated in his first job. Are seventeen tracks in total, in which Luisa deals with different styles, jazz, folk and pop, she connects talented. In this new album, the Portuguese singer performs in English, Spanish ("How many times") and in their own language and, for the occasion, he has chosen Jamie Cullum as a guest on "She Walked doown The Aisle" and also to pianist Mario Laginha, one of the great figures of Portuguese jazz in "The Last One", as well as the singer and guitarist Antonio Zambujo in "Agnes". All acoustic and issues especially recommend as "Mom Says," "I Was In Paris Today" and, my favorite, "As The Night Comes Along", reminiscent of Norah Jones. - from

Artist: Luisa Sobral
Album: There's A Flower In My Bedroom
Year: 2013
Label: Universal
Runtime: 49:32

1.  I Was In Paris Today 2:41
2.  Mom Says 3:21
3.  Sr. Vinho 3:01
4.  She Walked Down The Aisle 3:25
5.  Quando Te Vi 2:41
6.  Cuantas Veces 3:21
7.  Japanese Rose 3:02
8.  What Do You See In Lily? 1:53
9.  Rainbows 2:54
10.  As The Night Comes Along 2:55
11.  Hello Stranger 1:38
12.  The Letter I Won't Send 4:31
13.  Will You Find Me? 2:15
14.  Ines 3:36
15.  I Remember You 2:30
16.  I'll Be Waiting 3:01
17.  The Last One 2:47
All songs written by Luisa Sobral

Luisa Sobral (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Glockenspiel, Harp, Vocal Trumpet)
Joao Salcedo (Piano, Harmonium, Accordion, Backing Vocals)
Joao Hasselberg (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Carlos Miguel Antunes (Drums, Backing Vocals)
Mario Barreiros (Guitalele) - 3
Jamie Cullum (Vocals) - 4
Antonio Zambujo (Vocals) - 14
Mario Laginha (Piano) - 17
Gileno Santana (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) - 8,10
Claudio Cesar Ribeiro (Guitar) - 5,14
Vitor Vieira (Violin)
Juan Maggiorani (Violin)
Jorge Alves (Viola)
Marco Pereira (Cello)



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