Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lou Donaldson - The Scorpion (Live at the Cadillac Club)

This previously unreleased live set, which has been issued on Blue Note's Rare Groove Series, will bore anyone who listens closely. The repertoire is dominated by lengthy funk grooves that are quite danceable but never develop beyond the obvious. Altoist Lou Donaldson was using a baritone horn at the time that gave him a generic and unappealing tone, the obscure trumpeter Fred Ballard does his best to no avail and the enthusiastic rhythm section (guitarist Melvin Sparks, organist Leon Spencer, Jr., and drummer Idris Muhammad) keeps the grooves repetitious. Bob Porter's liner notes (which colorfully give readers the history of Newark jazz of the past 30 years) are superlative but, even with the inclusion of a fast blues, musically nothing much happens. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Lou Donaldson
Album: The Scorpion - Live at the Cadillac Club
Year: 1970
Label: Blue Note (1995)
Runtime: 46:32

1.  The Scorpion (Leon Spencer) 10:47
2.  Laura (David Raksin) 5:55
3.  Alligator Boogalooo (Lou Donaldson) 13:15
4.  The Masquerade Is Over (Herbert Magidson/Allie Wrubel) 4:15
5.  Peepin' (Lonnie Smith) 5:30
6.  Footpattin' Time (Lou Donaldson) 6:50

Lou Donaldson (Alto Saxophone)
Idris Muhammad (Drums)
Melvin Sparks (Guitar)
Leon Spencer (Organ)
Fred Ballard (Trumpet)



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