Monday, April 13, 2015

Lee Konitz - Another Shade of Blue

This follow up to an earlier CD (Alone Together) with Brad Mehldau and Charlie Haden took place exactly one year later at the same venue, L.A.'s Jazz Bakery. Like the first release, the trio takes their time exploring each tune, whether it's the leader's opening blues or a favorite ballad like "What's New" or "Body and Soul." This stimulating set is highly recommended! - by Ken Dryden, AMG

Artist: Lee Konitz
Album: Another Shade of Blue (Live at Jazz Bakery)
Year: 1997
Label: Blue Note (1999)
Runtime: 67:51

1.  Another Shade Of Blue (Lee Konitz) 10:49
2.  Everything Happens To Me (Johnny Mercer/Hoagy Carmichael) 12:17
3.  What's New (Johnny Burke/Bob Haggart) 15:49
4.  Body and Soul (Johnny Green/Edward Heyman/Robert Sour) 17:30
5.  All Of Us (Lee Konitz/Brad Mehldau/Charlie Haden) 11:24

Lee Konitz (Alto Saxophone)
Brad Mehldau (Piano)
Charlie Haden (Double Bass)



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