Friday, February 6, 2015

Sharon Isbin - Journey to the Amazon

Journey to the Amazon is a fascinating collaboration between classical guitarist Sharon Isbin, saxophonist Paul Winter and percussionist/composer Thiago de Mello. The three musicians explore South American, particularly Brazilian, rhythms and songs, devising a mesmerizing fusion of worldbeat, jazz and classical. While this certainly isn't music for purists, it's adventurous and evocative, and it often fulfills its grand ambitions. - by Leo Stanley, AMG

This recording was one of my early exposures to Sharon Isbin on CD. I had the pleasure of experiencing her live performance prior to the purchase of this CD. As a fan of heavier guitar music, (i.e. Steve Vai and Eric Johnson), I never believed I would enjoy a classical guitarist. I was so completely moved by the performance Ms. Isbin gives on this CD, that I promptly purchased "Dreams of a World" and most recently "Baroque Favorites for Guitar". I highly recommend this CD if you want to hear a guitarist whose work defies traditional categorization. I give it 10 stars! Please try to see Ms. Isbin live in recital if she comes to your area; you will experience a remarkable performance. - by Guitar Guru,

Artist: Sharon Isbin
Album: Journey to the Amazon
Year: 1997
Label: Teldec
Runtime: 53:49

1.  Historia Do Luar (Laurindo Almeida) 2:09
2.  Seis Por Derecho (Antonio Lauro) 3:32
3.  Waltz, No.4 (Agustín Barrios-Mangoré) 3:58
4.  A Hug For Pixingha (Thiago de Mello) 3:52
5.  Chants For The Chief (Thiago de Mello) 5:28
6.  Julia Florida (Agustín Barrios-Mangoré) 4:25
7.  El Marabino (Antonio Lauro) 1:27
8.  Waltz, No.3 (Antonio Lauro) 2:22
9.  Porro (Gentil Montana) 2:16
10.  Batucada (Isaias Savio) 2:38
11.  Lago De Janauacá (Thiago de Mello) 2:47
12.  Chants For The Chief, No.1 (Thiago de Mello) 5:17
13.  Canción De Cuna (Leo Brouwer/Eliseo Grenet) 3:42
14.  Aire De Joropo (Benito Canonico) 1:26
15.  Cochichandro (Alfredo Vianna) 2:43
16.  Choro Alegre (Thiago de Mello) 1:42
17.  Cavaleiro Sem Armadura (Thiago de Mello) 4:05

Sharon Isbin (Guitar)
Thiago De Mello (Percussion) - 1,2,4,5,8-10,12-17
Paul Winter (Soprano Saxophone) - 5,12,17


  1. Fascinating and wonderful. Thank you! You've piqued my interest in Sharon's work as well as Thiago - one of the finest percussionists I've ever heard, but not heard of until now.

  2. Ya no funciona el Link
    Please re a hacer

  3. I would love to hear...she is without a doubt one of the best guitarist in the world



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