Sunday, March 30, 2014

Deep Rumba - This Night Becomes a Rumba

It is said that a master perfects technique in order to transcend it. This deeply satisfying disc, which merits a presence on 1998 best-of lists, applies the theory to rumba and proves it. Steeped in the tradition of voice- and percussion-based music, the members of Deep Rumba allow their talents and spirits to soar. The players are enormously sensitive to each other at all tempos. Most instructive is their "Sunshine of Your Love." Typically, a Latin jazz band would simply play the tune with a different beat; here the familiar rhythmic underpinning provides the basis for inspired percussion improvisation, and one doesn't notice until it's over that the melody never made an appearance. Also of note is Jerry Gonzalez' contribution on "The Bronx With Palms Trees," where his dreamy trumpet vamps weave in and out of the complex of sound, reminiscent of the tone and texture of early electric-era Miles Davis bands. Least satisfying are the couple of vocal ballads toward the end of the disc, essentially generic Latin pop fare. On a program of over 63 minutes, they were not needed as filler. - by Janet Rosen, AMG

Artist: Deep Rumba
Album: This Night Becomes A Rumba
Year: 1998
Label: Justin Time
Runtime: 63:19

1.  Vallejo (Cesar Vallejo/Kip Hanrahan/Ruben Blades) 0:23
2.  Cuentale (Puntilla Orlando Rios) 4:21
3.  Columbia Dos Santos (Puntilla Orlando Rios) 6:18
4.  Una Noche De Verano Comenca (Horacio Hernandez/Kip Hanrahan/Ciamara Laugart) 8:46
5.  Yambhoracio (Horacio Hernandez) 2:14
6.  Sunshine Of Your Love (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown/Eric Clapton) 2:49
7.  The Bronx With Palm Trees (Andy Gonzalez) 4:45
8.  Negro And Andy Run This Very Night Into The Rumba (Horacio Hernandez/Andy Gonzalez) 3:56
9.  Calma Morena (Kip Hanrahan/Ciamara Laugart) 0:54
10.  Yambu Chevoret (Puntilla Orlando Rios) 7:08
11.  Si! No! (Luis Abreu/Ciamara Laugart) 9:34
12.  I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet/Leon Chauliac) 9:51
13.  Vallejo (Reprise) (Cesar Vallejo/Kip Hanrahan/Ruben Blades) 0:43
14.  Distancia (Hernando Alfonso) 1:32

Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez (Trap Drums, Timbales)
Roby Ameen (Trap Drums)
Andy Gonzalez (Double Bass)
Puntilla Orlando Rios (Vocals, Congas)
Milton Cardona (Congas, Backing Vocals)
Ciamara Laugart (Vocals)
Abraham Rodriguez (Vocals, Clave)
Amadito Valdez (Timbales)
Ruben Blades (Vocals)
Paoli Mejias (Congas, Quinto)
Richard Flores (Congas, Quinto)
Jerry Gonzalez (Trumpet, Percussion)
Kip Hanrahan (Percussion, Backing Vocals)



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