Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ray Charles - Live

A repackaging of Ray Charles In Newport and Ray Charles In Person presents concerts from 1958 and 1959 that found Charles in peak form, performing some of his best-known R&B hits. - by William Ruhlmann, AMG

Ray was touring with his band in the 50's, and they played as a concent in a stadium it Atlanta. An engineer at one of the radio stations recorded the occasion on a one track tape recorder using a single microphone. The result was issued as an LP, "Ray Charles in Atlanta", and it is one of the most extraordinary albums of all time. First, the recording is technicaly perfect. The band is heard with perfect clarity and balance, and, the audience is also picked up, and you can hear the shouting, whooping, the give and take with the audience, and the extraordinary energy in what was a typical concert of Ray Charles playing to his own audience. Many of the tunes were or became stone classics, known to every funk and blues musician in the country and to most of the population at large. Ray Charles was revered like no other musician. In the same time frame, Ray Charles took his band to the Newport Jazz festival for what was a controversial appearance. Odd, in that this is one of the greatest jazz bands of all time. Again the proceedings were recorded, and issued as "Ray Charles at Newport". Again, it was an astonishing record. The tunes from these two LP's, ".. in Atlanta" and ".. in Newport" make up this CD. The tunes make up the bulk of Charles' best recorded work. It is some of the most remarkable music America has produced. These are the best records Charles has made. Why is this music so good? Ray Charles is a vocalist unlike any other. He does not 'sing' a song, he communicates the song to you soul to soul. He drives it into your brain. The tunes on this record are his full effect masterpieces. Every tune on this CD deserves comment and analysis. There are no weak sisters. Every tune is a classic. Take for example, "The Night Time..". The sax intro played by David "Fathead" Newman is a classic in itself! The tune is probably the most lowdown blues ever recorded. It is the definition of funk. Marjorie Hendrik's verses are the wildest wild abandon you will hear on record. And when Ray pulls it all together at the end, it is ultimately down and refined at the same time, and also ultimately hard driven and swinging. This is the essence of Ray, the rawest yet at the same time the most nuanced voice, carrying more energy than any other voice but at the same time refined beyond description. - by Will Flannery,

Artist: Ray Charles
Album: Live
Year: 1958-59
Label: Atlantic (1987)
Runtime: 71:20

1.  Hot Rod (Ray Charles) 3:43
2.  Blues Waltz (Max Roach) 6:29
3.  In A Little Spanish Town (Mabel Wayne/Sam Lewis/Joe Young) 3:47
4.  Sherry (Hank Crawford) 4:18
5.  The Right Time (Lou Herman) 4:19
6.  A Fool For You (Ray Charles) 7:15
7.  I Got A Woman (Ray Charles) 6:24
8.  Talkin' 'Bout You (Ray Charles) 4:26
9.  Swanee River Rock (Ray Charles) 2:05
10.  Yes Indeed! (Sy Oliver) 2:23
11.  The Right Time (Lou Herman) 4:06
12.  Frenesi (Alberto Dominguez/Ray Charles/S.K. Russell) 4:58
13.  The Spiral-Feel (Milt Jackson) 4:08
14.  Tell The Truth (Lowman Pauling) 2:46
15.  Drown In My Own Tears (Henry Glover) 6:12
16.  What'd I Say (Ray Charles) 4:01

Ray Charles (Piano, Electric Piano, Alto Saxophone and Vocals)
David Newman (Tenor Saxophone)
Hank Crawford (Baritone Saxophone)
Lee Harper (Trumpet)
Marcus Belgrave (Trumpet)
Edgar Willis (Double Bass)
Richie Goldberg (Drums)



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