Monday, December 16, 2013

Wynton Marsalis - Live at Blues Alley

This double album features the great trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and his 1986 quartet, a unit featuring pianist Marcus Roberts, bassist Robert Hurst and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts. Although Marsalis during this period still hinted strongly at Miles Davis, his own musical personality was starting to finally shine through. With the versatile Marcus Roberts (who thus far has been the most significant graduate from Marsalis's groups), Wynton Marsalis was beginning to explore older material, including on this set "Just Friends," and "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?" other highlights include lengthy workouts on "Au Privave" and Kenny Kirkland's "Chambers of Tain." This two-fer is recommended, as are virtually all of Wynton Marsalis's recordings. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Wynton Marsalis Quartet
Album: Live at Blues Allley
Year: 1986
Label: CBS (1988)
Runtime: 117:36

CD1 [56:11]
1.  Knozz-Moe-King (Wynton Marsalis) 6:03
2.  Just Friends (John Klenner/Sam M. Lewis)  8:21
3.  Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude) (Wynton Marsalis) 3:52
4.  Juan (Marcus Roberts/Jeff Watts) 7:33
5.  Cherokee (Ray Noble) 2:50
6.  Delfeayo's Dilemma (Wynton Marsalis) 9:20
7.  Chambers of Tain (Kenny Kirkland) 15:11
8.  Juan (2) (Marcus Roberts/Jeff Watts) 2:55

CD2 [1:01:25]
1.  Au Privave (Charlie Parker) 14:35
2.  Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude) (Wynton Marsalis) 2:38
3.  Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (Louis Alter/Eddie DeLange) 11:30
4.  Juan (Marcus Roberts/Jeff Watts) 3:15
5.  Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma/Johnny Mercer/Jacques Prévert) 9:41
6.  Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude) (Wynton Marsalis) 3:48
7.  Skain's Domain (Wynton Marsalis) 9:39
8.  Much Later (Wynton Marsalis) 6:15

Wynton Marsalis (Trumpet)
Marcus Roberts (Piano)
Robert Leslie Hurst (Double Bass)
Jeff "Tain" Watts (Drums)



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