Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dizzy Gillespie - Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six of Paris

This is an absolute must have. Bud Powell on piano! Dizzy on the trumpet! Amazing!!! I've worn out my version since a friend of mine tuned me onto the Double Six in 1988. (And since then I've collected all their work.) NB: this is a studio album not a live album. The CD doesnt present the tunes as on the original LP; indeed the LP opens up with Ow! and its dynamics never fail to blow my wig off. (So I always start the CD at Ow! followed by The Champ.) Double Six have captured the essence of Dizzy's big band sound. Get a hold of the original Dizzy recordings from the forties (Ow!, The Champ, Emanon, etc) to really appreciate what is going on here. Dizzy is in fine shape and his solos are blazing. Bud is not given the spotlight but he still shines through. Nice bass work by Pierre Michelot. To be fair, the album is pretty short (under 40 mins if I am not mistaken). I am really picky, there are a couple of fillers: blue and boogie is okay, and oo-shoobee-doo-bee is rather fluffy. But the rest of the tunes are absolutely delightful. If you know french, listen closely to the sci-fi lyrics by Mimi Perrin who, IMHO, stands head-to-head with Jon Hendricks in the pantheon of the vocalese gods. Apparently Mimi and Dizzy found common ground in jazz as well as sci-fi. Five stars, no less, as one of the greatest vocalese albums ever. (The other one is probably Sing a Song of Basie by LHR but then again Dizzy in not on that one.) - by Eric,

This odd but successful pairing finds The Double Six of Paris singing vocalese in French to a dozen bebop classics associated with Dizzy Gillespie. Gillespie, with pianist Bud Powell and a rhythm section, take solos that uplift this date; two songs feature his quintet (with James Moody on alto). Not for all tastes, but this is a unique and colorful addition to Gillespie's discography. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Dizzy Gillespie
Album: Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six of Paris
Year: 1963
Label: Philips
Runtime: 39:24

1.  Emanon (Dizzy Gillespie/Milt Shaw) 3:48
2.  Anthropology (Dizzy Gillespie/Chales Parker/Walter Bishop) 2:48
3.  Tin Tin Deo (Chano Pozo/Walter Fuller) 4:18
4.  One Bass Hit (Dizzy Gillespie/Raymond Brown) 3:30
5.  Two Bass Hit (Dizzy Gillespie/John Lewis) 3:34
6.  Groovin' High (Dizzy Gillespie) 2:30
7.  Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be (Joe Carroll/Billy Graham) 3:07
8.  Hot House (Tadd Dameron) 3:04
9.  Con Alma (Dizzy Gillespie) 3:39
10.  Blue 'n' Boogie (Frank Paparelli/Dizzy Gilespie) 3:10
11.  The Camp (Dizzy Gillespie) 3:09
12.  OW! (Dizzy Gillespie) 2:47

Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet)
Bud Powell (Piano) - 1-6,8,10-12
Pierre Michelot (Double Bass) - 1-6,8,10-12
Kenny Clarke (Drums) - 1-6,8,10-12
Lalo Schifrin (Arranger) - 1-6,8,10-12
Mimi Perrin (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
Claudine Barge (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
Christiane Legrand (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
Ward Swingle (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
Robert Smart (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
Eddy Louis (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
Jean-Claude Briodin (Vocals) - 1-6,8,10-12
James Moody (Alto Saxophone) - 7,9
Kenny Barron (Piano) - 7,9
Chris White (Double Bass) - 7,9
Rudy Collins (Drums) - 7,9


  1. Muchas gracias por tu excelente trabajo.

  2. Thank you for the tip on this ... it almost feels like a Dizzy meets Legrand and I guess it's a similar period ... very nice ... I'm listening on youtube ... now I'll start rambling ... I was in Paris recently and EVERYTHING was expensive ... even LPs in recycle shops were 10 euros ... zat eez crayzee ... I know, I was visiting the wrong shops ... what is my point? ... there is none ... I love this blog and I want to say thank you for the tip ... thanks

  3. 'From The Heart' track MISSING in the zip and 'Georgia On My Mind' twice :-)

  4. Are you speaking this album? None of them is recorded in here...

  5. My vinyl of this is a 'little tired' as well. Thanks!



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