Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glen Velez - Internal Combustion

Best known for his work with Steve Reich, Velez is widely regarded as one of the masters of the frame drum; his virtuosity is on display throughout Internal Combustion, which focuses almost solely on his improvisational drumming skills (although Layne Redmond contributes his own frame drum and vocals on two tracks). - by Jason Ankeny, AMG

Excellent release on Schematic, Glen Velez shows idm with the digital skin shed off. All that's left are some great sounding hand persussion drums and misc items from all over the world. The minimal feel and rhythmic strucres are very reminiscent of Autechre's "Conefeild" at times. Serene and comforting to listen to. The album title reminds me of a concept I read in Squarepusher's manifesto about the state of electronic music. He said something to the effect of electronic music will advance & grow to a certain height and then implode into itself. - by Noviellion, Discogs.com

Glen Velez is a globe-hopper, "borrowing" instruments and techniques from a variety of cultures and creating his own musical tapestry from the bits and pieces. Internal Combustion is a great "starter CD" for those wanting to understand the nuances and musicality of frame drums. From solo pieces like "Pyramid" to the duet "Internal Combustion," rhythms breathe, dance and interlace in constantly-shifting patterns and overtone singing floats in and out of the mix. If you're expecting "smooth jazz" or "drum music," this may not be the CD for you. If you want to be introduced to a new world of listening, check it out. It's worth the search. - by J. Kersh, Amazon.com

Artist: Glen Velez
Album: Internal Combustion
Year: 1985
Label: CMP Records
Runtime: 53:40

1.  Pyramid 5:57
2.  Bendir 15:12
3.  Rain 9:35
4.  Internal Combustion 16:17
5.  Bodhran 6:38
All compositions by Glen Velez

Glen Velez (Frame Drums and Voice)
Layne Redmond (Frame Drums and Voice) - 2,4

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