Monday, June 3, 2013

Courtney Pine - Modern Day Jazz Stories

Courtney Pine has finally found his niche. I have every album that he has released in the U.S. I love his sound, especially this one, every track is smooth, especially the ones with Cassandra Wilson's sexy vocals. I've Known Rivers is an instant classic, so cool and it just flows. The Band really smokes on every cut, especially Dah Blessing. He is my 2nd favortie Sax player of all time. Only the immortal John Coltrane stands before him in my book. He is tremendously gifted and very underrated. - by Val Guilford, example of how hip hop is influencing traditional jazz....the inclusion of turntables on the straightahead tracks is unique. Accepting the DJ's role as a minimal soloist, MODERN DAY JAZZ STORIES is an outstanding and well-executed album... (from Jazziz)

Courtney Pine's remarkable jazz career started at school when he was 13, taking piano and clarinet lessons. Though he subsequently decided that the saxophone was what he really wanted to play, his musical heroes, including Grover Washington Jr, John Coltrane and Miles Davies, all played the piano, and Courtney's piano experience has been very useful, as he now spends quite a lot of time in his home studio, working with a MIDI sequencer connected to an ageing Sequential Prophet VS keyboard. As you might expect, he's also had a lot of experience with MIDI wind controllers. One of the motivating factors behind this interview was Courtney's latest album, Modern Day Jazz Stories, an essentially acoustic modern jazz album underpinned by hip-hop loops and DJ vinyl pyrotechnics. Unlike the many hip-hop records that have a jazz influence or feature a token jazz performer, Modern Day Jazz Stories is most definitely jazz with a hip-hop influence, rather than vice versa, and unlike many compositions that use off-the-shelf loops, many of the drum loops on this album started life as an acoustic kit in the studio, while some of the more experimental loops were produced by Courtney at home. - from

Artsit: Courtney Pine
Album. Modern Day Jazz stories
Year: 1995
Label: Verve
Runtime: 59:07

1.  Prelude - The Water Of Life 1:24
2.  The 37th Chamber 4:21
3.  Don't 'Kplain 4:56
4.  Dah Blessing 8:48
5.  In The Garden Of Eden (Thinking Inside Of You) 5:58
6.  Creation Stepper 10:44
7.  Absolution 7:33
8.  Each One (Must) Teach One 3:50
9.  The Unknown Warrior (Song For My Forefathers) 6:39
10.  I've Known Rivers 3:41
11.  Outro - Guiding Light 1:08
All tracks written by Courney Pine

Courtney Pine (Soprano and Tenor Saxophone, Flute)
Geri Allen (Piano, Hammod Organ)
Charnette Moffett (Double Bass)
Ronnie Burrage (Drums, Percussion)
DJ Pogo (Turntables)
Eddie Henderson (Trumpet)
Cassandra Wilson (Vocals)
Mark Whitfield (Guitar)



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