Saturday, April 13, 2013

John Patton - Memphis To New York Spirit

Although it was scheduled for release two times, Memphis to New York Spirit didn't appear until 1996, over 25 years after it was recorded. The album comprises the contents of two separate sessions -- one recorded in 1970 with guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer, drummer Leroy Williams and saxophonist/flautistMarvin Cabell; the other recorded in 1969 with Cabell, Williams, and saxophonist George Coleman -- that were very similiar in concept and execution. Patton leads his combo through a selection of originals and covers that range from Wayne Shorter and McCoy Tyner to the Meters. Though the group is rooted in soul-jazz, they stretch the limits of the genre on these sessions, showing a willingness to experiment, while still dipping into the more traditional blues and funk reserves. Consequently, Memphis to New York Spirit doesn't have a consistent groove like some other Patton records, but when it does click, the results are remarkable; it's worthy addition to a funky soul-jazz collection. - by Stephen Thoms Erlewine, AMG

Grab this one quick... first, if I'm not mistaken, it never was. A bunch of tracks put together from the vaults (much like my other fave of his and Grant Green's - - Blues for Lou). It seems to come and go out of print... though if I'm not mistaken, this is one of the first domestic reissues in years. The sound is both funky and off center. Don't expect in your face Reuben Wilson style fatback... and don't expect pure Larry Young... expect an evil Frankenstein-ian mix of both of 'em as only Big John could do it. Expect to hear a mix of always slightly off center and mysterious B.J. Patton grooves meets progressive Jazz (circa 1969). The groove is always there, cool, bluesy and relaxed like Big John likes it... and he never gets excited and forgets it, no matter how far on the edge he gets... One note, and he'll take you to China, another, and its down home in Birmingham Alabama - - From the Mandingo to Sissy Strut... its time to rade the vaults again... and this sure 'nuff is a real good'un !!! - by Eddie Lansberg,

Artist: John Patton
Album: Memphis to New York Spirit
Year: 1970
Label: Blue Note (1996)
Runtime: 57:47

1.  Memphis (John Patton) 5:58
2.  Footprints (Wayne Shorter) 6:26
3.  The Mandingo (Marvin Cabell) 7:50
4.  Bloodyun (John Blood Ulmer) 8:20
5.  Steno (John Patton) 9:18
6.  Man from Tanganyika (McCoy Tyner) 6:21
7.  Cissy Strut (Ziggy Modeliste/Art Neville/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter, Jr.) 6:58
8.  Dragon Slayer (Marvin Cabell) 6:36

John Patton (Organ)
Marvin Cabell (Flute, Soprano and Tenor Saxophone)
James Blood Ulmer (Guitar)
Leroy Williams (Drums)



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