Monday, April 8, 2013

Archie Shepp & Dollar Brand - Duet

A somewhat surprising pairing at the time, the former firebrand of the tenor sax and the wonderful South African pianist found a pleasant and relaxed meeting point. By 1978, Shepp had largely abandoned the ferocious attack that gained him renown in the '60s, settling on a rich, Ben Webster-ish tone and playing a repertoire consisting of modern standards and bluesy originals. Two such pieces, the lovely Dave Burrell/Marion Brown composition "Fortunato" and Mal Waldron's "Left Alone," are highlights of this session, Shepp's burnished tone as soft as an old shoe. Ibrahim is a fairly deferential partner here, generally preferring to play the role of accompanist, although certainly one sprinkling his work with plenty of ideas for Shepp to work off. But the prevailing sense of relaxation begins to pall after a while and one wishes for a bit more of the old rough and tumble that these two were surely capable of. Still, for those who enjoyed Shepp's mid-'70s dates for Arista/Freedom and Ibrahim's more subdued group efforts of the late '70s and early '80s, there's much good listening here. - by Brian Olewnick, AMG

I borrowed this CD from a friend a few years ago, and now have finally bought my own copy. I can't stop listening to this music! Archie Shepp and Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) create music that is sensitive and filled with lyrical intensity. It is warm and relaxed, but never boring because of the fresh musical ideas that keep appearing. This album was originally recorded in 1978, but there is nothing dated about it. The recorded sound is warm and intimate, and the music sets up a consistent mood that always makes me relaxed and happy. - by Richard B. Stare,

Artist: Archie Shepp & Dollar Bran (aka Abdullah Ibrahim)
Album: Duet
Year: 1978
Label: Denon
Runtime: 44:41

1.  Fortunato (Dave Burrell/Marion Brown) 7:41
2.  Barefoot Boy From Queens Town - To Mongezi (Archie Shepp) 7:51
3.  Left Alone (Mal Waldron) 7:54
4.  Theme From "Proof Of The Man" (Yuji Ohno) 8:17
5.  Ubu-Suku (Dollar Brand) 4:34
6.  Moniebah (Dollar Brand) 8:21

Archie Shepp (Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophones)
Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim (Piano)



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