Saturday, March 9, 2013

Roosevelt Sykes - The Honeydripper

Roosevelt Sykes expertly fit his classic, down-home piano riffs and style into a fabric that also contained elements of soul, funk, and R&B. The nine-cut date, recently reissued by Original Blues Classics, included such laments as "I Hate to Be Alone," "Lonely Day," and "She Ain't for Nobody," as well as the poignant "Yes Lawd," and less weighty "Satellite Baby" and "Jailbait." Besides Sykes' alternately bemused, ironic, and inviting vocals, there's superb tenor sax support from King Curtis, Robert Banks' tasty organ, and steady, nimble bass and drum assistance by Leonard Gaskin and drummer Belton Evans. - by Ron Wynn, AMG

"The Honeydripper" was Roosevelt Sykes' nickname and a fitting name for this wonderful album. Things open on a high note with 'Miss Ida B.' There are a few heavy tunes like 'I Hate To Be Alone' and 'Mislead Mother' which explores marital infidelity. Things lighten up with 'Jailbait' and 'Satellite Baby.' Ya gotta love an ol' Blues song based around Sputnik. 'Yes, Lawd' is a slow Blues instrumental that invites the guys to open up and improvise. Sykes' handy work is as good as ever. In 'She Ain't For Nobody' and throughout "the Honeydripper," Robert Banks' organ work shines. One of the greatest and perhaps least appreciated aspects of this album is that it features King Curtis on sax. Infused with Soul and R&B, this 1960 Blues release has that great vintage sound. The recording fits in well with similar efforts like "the Return of Roosevelt Sykes" and "Feel Like Blowing My Horn." Listen to "the Honeydripper" and celebrate the power and glory that is the music of Roosevelt Sykes. - by The Delite Rancher,

Artist: Roosevelt Sykes
Album: The Honeydripper
Year: 1961 (Bluesville)
Label: Original Blues Classic (1993)
Runtime: 34:38

1.  Miss Ida B. (Roosevelt Sykes) 4:58
2.  Mislead Mother (Roosevelt Sykes) 3:15
3.  Yes Lawd (Ozzie Cadena) 9:17
4.  I Hate to be Alone (Roosevelt Sykes) 2:02
5.  Jailbait (Roosevelt Sykes) 2:26
6.  Lonely Day (Roosevelt Sykes) 4:27
7.  Satellite Baby (Roosevelt Sykes) 2:48
8.  Pocketful of Money (Roosevelt Sykes) 2:34
9.  She Ain't for Nobody (Roosevelt Sykes) 2:46

Roosevelt Sykes (Vocals and Piano)
King Curtis (Tenor Saxophone)
Robert Banks (Organ)
Leonard Gaskin (Double Bass)
Belton Evans (Drums)

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