Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jazz Corps - Featuring Roland Kirk

I must say, it absolutely blew me away. The compositions (all by Tommy Peltier) each have their own distinct attitudes, and they're all awesome. Plus, it features Roland Kirk playing bari sax on half the album, which there are few recorded examples of, and the tracks on this album are by far the best. His bari playing is out of this world. On one track he sounds like I imagine Gerry Mulligan would if he gained about 100 pounds, in terms of sound, you know what I mean? It's soft and reserved, yet there's so much depth and warmth to his tone. On other tracks, he sounds like a bulldozer, crazy multiphonics and everything going. It also has some of his best flute playing I've ever heard, including a beautiful flute duet with Freddy Rodriguez. Speaking of Freddy Rodriguez, on tenor, he's a monster! I'd never heard him before...did he ever get any recognition? - by Shade of Blue,

Likable like most of Kirk's albums from the early 60s.  However, less adventurous than others despite having an entire Jazz Corps behind him!  Good arrangements and the vibes (the instrument, not the mood) add a distinctive flavour.  There is also an interesting amount of Latin derived material, and of course, great sax and flute from the one and only - Roland Kirk.  I acquired this one about fifteen years ago for cheap when a record store was closing down and now it is a permanent, if not minor, part of my collection. Even though The Jazz Corps' recording legacy was a one shot deal, they will be remembered by serious Rahsaan Roland Kirk collectors for years to come.  The Jazz Corps knows its stuff and Kirk provides that extra little touch to make things spicy enough.  The drummer of the group, Maurice Miller, is quite good.  "Chalan Pago" features Kirk in a flute solo that is easily worth the price of the disk: an essential, classic Kirk moment.  What I really found most interesting was hearing Kirk play the baritone saxophone.  That's not something that he played very much.  If you see this at a used record store then grab it for sure. - by Lanky Caravan and Zappaholic,

Artist: The Jazz Corps
Album: The Jazz Corps featuring Roland Kirk
Year: 1966
Label: Pacific Jazz (1994)
Runtime: 43:30

1.  Harplyness 4:47
2.  Serenity 3:28
3.  Peru-T 4:59
4.  Liberation 4:27
5.  Chalon Pago 3:48
6.  Le Blessing 8:17
7.  Meanwhile 8:33
8.  Another Plum 5:17
All compositions by Tommy Peltier

Tommy Peltier (Trumpet and Flugelhorn)
Fred Rodriguez (Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Flute)
Lynn Blessing (Vibraphone)
Bill Plummer (Acoustic Bass)
Maurice Miller (Drums)
Roland Kirk (Tenor and Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Manzello, Stritch)


  1. looks like a keeper!
    thank you!

  2. lovin anything w/ rahsaan on it..thanks

  3. Thanks for posting this wonderful jazz obscurity. I am really enjoying the music.

  4. Thank you !
    I love Rahsaan Roland Kirk.
    I thought I had it all about him,
    but I missed this one.
    Great opportunity you gave me.
    Thank you from France.

    Funky Fred From France

  5. Thank you very much

  6. Jazz Corps - Featuring Roland Kirk
    Would it be possible for you to post this one again, please? I'm hoping.

    Thank you.



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