Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kip Hanrahan - At Home in Anger

Kip Hanrahan s first new recording in many years! The renowned composer, bandleader, visionary producer, and creative instigator has long been known for intensely passionate music that is both tender and hard-driving, with a deep poetic edge. Fans of forward-thinking, outernational music will no doubt be thrilled to hear that Hanrahan is back! Kip Hanrahan has experienced a lot. He was an assistant with Nouvelle Vague director Jean-Luc Godard, the video artist Nam June Paik and the innovative composer Carla Bley, made from the early eighties wonderful records like "Coup de Tete", "Desire Develops An Edge" and "Exotica "for which he formed fantastic, exciting all-star bands with Jack Bruce, Milton Cardona, Charles Neville, Henry Threadgill, David Murray, Arto Lindsay, Billy Bang, Taj Mahal, Astor Piazzolla and even Sting. Today Kip Hanrahan moves between Rio de Janeiro and Reston, Virginia, swinging cross boundaries acts as a catalyst again, less as a jazz musician in the usual sense. The seventeen pieces on “Anger…” are subtle, rhythmically powerful and more focused and balanced than the previous CD. On his thirteenth album percussionist and producer, poet and visionary Kip Hanrahan compensates his vivid anger about oppression and exclusion: "At Home In Anger" - a fascination with excitement, relaxation, warmth and magic. - from Jazzrecords.com

The music of Hanrahan, and of the American Clavé label which he runs, is rich beyond compare. - by Phil Johnson, Independent (London) 

Artist: Kip Hanrahan
Album: At Home in Anger Which Could Also Be Called Imperfect, Happily
Year: 2011
Label: Amecican Clavé
Runtime: 62:16

1.  Vida Sin Miel (Dafnis Prieto) 3:43
2.  Gift (No Woman Knows) (Kip Hanrahan/Steve Swallow/Brandon Ross) 5:26
3.  Another Autumn Forms (Kip Hanrahan/Steve Swallow) 1:18
4.  Como en Vietnam (Kip Hanrahan/Steve Swallow) 4:17
5.  The No Baby [1] (Steve Lacy) 4:20
6.  The Savage Dawn in Her Glance (Kip Hanrahan/Steve Swallow/Fernando Saunders) 5:03
7.  Suenos Da Vida Colonial (Kip Hanrahan/Steve Swallow/Roberto Poveda) 3:33
8.  Kuduro of Assassins and Laughter (Horacio Hernandez/Kip Hanrahan) 3:29
9.  Obviously Spring (Evora) (Kip Hanrahan) 3:32
10.  You Play with the Night with Your Fingertips (Kip Hanrahan/DD Jackson/Fernando Saunders) 5:11
11.  Unfinished Dawn (Kip Hanrahan) 2:12
12.  At Home in the Night (Kip Hanrahan/Fernando Saunders) 3:40
13.  War News from Inside the City (Brandon Ross/Kip Hanrahan) 3:26
14.  Shadow of the Unfinished Dawn (Kip Hanrahan) 0:33
15.  Unfinished Dusk (Kip Hanrahan) 4:19
16.  Clean Charm Amongst Evil (Yosvanni Terry/Kip Hanrahan) 2:03
17.  Need (Brandon Ross/Kip Hanrahan) 4:35
18.  No Baby [2] (Steve Lacy) 1:36

Kip Hanrahan (Percussion, Voice)
Dafnis Prieto (Drums, Voice)
Steve Swallow (Bass)
Dick Kondas (Sound)
Milton Cardona (Drums and Percussion)
Alfredo Triff (Violin)
DD Jackson (Piano)
Pedrito Martinez (Congas)
Robby Ameen (Drums and Percussion)
Yosvanni Terry (Percussion, Saxes)
Horacio Hernandez (Drums and Percussion)
John Beasley (Piano, Keyboards)
Brandon Ross (Voice, Guitar)
Bryan Carrott (Vibraphone)
Andy Gonzalez (Bass)
John Kilgore (Sound)
Fernando Saunders (Voice, Bass)
Anthony Cox (Bass)
Mike Cain (Piano)
Xiomara Laugart (Voice)
Don Byron (Clarinet)
Roberto Poveda (Voice, Guitar)
Craig Handy (Saxophone)
Lysandro Arenas (Piano)
Lucy Penebaz (Voice)



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