Friday, October 26, 2012

Duke Ellington - The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse

This CD reissue brings back one of Duke Ellington's most intriguing works from his later years. "Acht O'Clock Rock" actually shows the influence of rock while some of the other selections hint at both African folk music and more advanced areas of jazz. However the familiar Ellington sound was still very much intact in 1971. The main soloists include Harold Ashby and Paul Gonsalves on tenors, baritonist Harry Carney (featured on "Didjeridoo") and altoist Norris Turney; the versatility of drummer Rufus Jones really helps the colorful music. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

One of the most powerful performances of Duke Ellington and his band in my entire collection.Shorn of such stallwarts as Jonny Hodges,Jimmy Hamilton,Ray Nance,Sam Woodyard a.o.,This album pulsates with exotic beats,deep orchestral tones and a drive that competes with his most famous recordings.This is not just a brilliant example of the 'latter' day Duke, this is a brilliant examle 'of Duke!'Paul Gonsalves,Rufus Jones,Noris Turney,Harold Ashby,Harry Carney and The Duke himself are the main protagonists,but the band as a whole are simply at their best.I think that Dukes opening speach, so cool and flavoured,sets the pace.This album is a must for any lover of good music.I love it and Im sure you will too. - by Robert Bonnici,

Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse
Year: 1971
Label: OJC (Digital remastering, 1991)
Runtime: 38:00

1.  Chinoiserie 8:16
2.  Didjeridoo 3:41
3.  Afrique 5:27
4.  Acht O'Clock Rock 3:05
5.  Gong 4:49
6.  Tang 4:49
7.  True 3:40
8.  Hard Way 4:08
All compositions by Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington (Piano)
Cootie Williams (Trumpet)
Money Johnson (Trumpet)
Mercer Ellington (Trumpet)
Eddie Preston (Trumpet)
Booty Wood (Trombone)
Malcolm Taylor (Trombone)
Chuck Connors (Bass Trombone)
Russell Procope (Alto Saxophone, Clarinet)
Norris Turney (Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)
Paul Gonsalves (Tenor Saxophone)
Harold Ashby (Tenor Saxophone)
Harry Carney (Baritone Saxophone)
Joe Benjamin (Double Bass)
Rufus Jones (Drums)



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