Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glen Velez - Doctrine of Signatures

Frame drummer Velez's fourth recording for CMP features two extended compositions. The title track, a 45-minute piece written for the tar, a North African frame drum, is scored for five drummers, and the drumming style is a composite of Arabic, Azerbijani, and original drumming techniques. The second piece, "White-Throated Sparrow," is scored for two tar drums and the bansuri bamboo flute (played by Steve Gorn). Velez has been a member of Steve Reich and Musicians since 1972, and has been the percussionist with The Paul Winter Consort since 1983; he is internationally recognized as one of the world's most accomplished hand drummers. - by Rovi, AMG

Artist: Glen Velez
Album. Doctrine of Signatures
Year: 1990
Label: CMP (1991)
Runtime: 57:30

1.  White-Throated Sparrow (Glen Velez) 11:42
2.  Doctrine of Signatures (Glen Velez) 45:47

Glen Velez (Tar, Riq, Shakers, Wood Drum, Voice)
Steve Gorn (Bamboo Flute)
Eva Atsalis (Tar)
Ed Brunicardi (Tar)
Randy Crafton (Tar)
Jan Hagiwara (Tar)



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