Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eichinger Quartet - Respiratory Complaints

Forceful contemporary jazz, Balkan and Brazilian music, swing rhythms and groovy backgrounds together with grotesque paraphrases of dance music: these are the elements that build the music of the Quartet, which, in spite of their varied nature, reflect a consistent, clear and unique musical domain. - from

Tibor Eichinger started to play the guitar at the age of 13. At the beginning he studied classical guitar in Debrecen, then he graduated from jazz guitar department of Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. In 1994, he established his first band, their debut album, Message from the Garden came out in 1999, which was followed by What Watch? in 2001 with another outfit and called the Timeless Life project. In the same year the Eichinger Quartet also released an album entitled Respiratory Problems. The music of EQ is scored and arranged by Eichinger. The tunes include grotesque dance music paraphrases, jazz-rock, balkan, brasilian, swing and groove rhythms which - in spite of their diversity - present Eichinger's uniform, matured and unique music. Besides leading his bands, Tibor Eichinger has participated in theater performances, e.g. a production of the Krétakör Company, entitled Nexxt. He was a member of the Wertetics Orkestar and the Bop-Art Orchestra and Amorf Ördögök. He composed the title music for Gyorgy Szomjas' film, Unexpected Death; and he has also collaborated with film director Andras Szőke. He regularly give duo concerts with Gábor Gadó. With German jazz guitarist, Stefan Varga, he recorded an album in Germany, December 2004, with the title East and West" - from

Artist: Eichinger Quartet
Album: Respiratory Problems (Légúti panaszok)
Year: 2001
Label: Bahia
Runtime: 68:52

1.  Freely II 4:01
2.  Pedestrian Crossing (Gyalogos átkelő) 7:10
3.  A Sweet-Gloomy Afternoon (Egy édes-bús délután) 5:45
4.  Rocco Balcanico 6:27
5.  Loft (Tetőtér) 7:10
6.  Madrapur 7:12
7.  Pradel 6:50
8.  Tiszatrip 7:18
9.  The Brothel of Seville (Sevillai bordély) 7:42
10.  Duo (Etude) 2:05
11.  Respiratory Compalints (Légúti panaszok) 7:05
All compositions by Tibor Eichinger

Tibor Eichinger (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
Zsombor Zrubka (Vibraphone)
Peter Nagy (Double Bass)
Csaba Gavaller (Drums)


  1. Looks interesting - Thanks for sharing

  2. I gave it a spin - this is really great, altough I`m not realy into guitars. Thanks again, itr

  3. Thank you so much !!!
    Excellent album.
    I didn't know this band.
    It's a pleasant surprise !!!
    Many many thanks from Greece.



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