Monday, August 27, 2012

Chet Baker - Baby Breeze

Although Chet Baker's recordings from late in his life varied dramatically in quality, this series of studio sessions is a high point in his career. After having his trumpet stolen, he plays beautifully with a borrowed flügelhorn throughout most of these songs with a powerful tone, especially on "Baby Breeze" and Hal Galper's intense "This Is the Thing." Baker delivers some strong vocals on the session led by pianist Bobby Scott, though Scott's huge hit "A Taste of Honey" is marred somewhat by his odd honky tonk piano in the background. This is an unusual compilation worth acquiring. - by Ken Dryden, AMG

This album is SO perfect because it's NOT perfect. There is a little emotional weariness in Chet's voice, and there are times when you can hear a bit of a struggle with his flugelhorn (his trumpet was stolen before he recorded this album.) But that is what gives this album such a human quality, you can truly hear the sadness in Chet's voice when he sings "Born to Be Blue" - as though the song is about him. His playing is usually phenomenal, but you can hear a bit of a struggle on his usually so perfectly executed ballad solos, and there is such beauty to it. I love this album because it has such a wonderful human quality - there is so much emotion in Chet's voice and playing, that you can almost feel with him. Definitely buy this CD if you like Chet, or even if you just want a great jazz CD to add to your collection. - by J. Powell,

Artist: Chet Baker
Album: Baby Breeze
Year: 1964
Label: Verve (24-bit digital remastering, 1999)
Runtime: 55:46

1.  Baby Breeze (Richard Carpenter) 3:07
2.  Born to Be Blue (Robert Wells/Mel Tormé) 4:07
3.  This Is the Thing (Hal Garper) 4:55
4.  I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet/Leon Luis) 3:13
5.  Everything Depends on You (Charles Carpenter/Earl Hines/Louis Dunlap) 3:25
6.  One With One (Hal Garper) 3:47
7.  Pamela's Passion (Hal Garper) 5:23
8.  The Touch of Your Lips (Ray Noble) 2:43
9.  Comin' Down (Richard Carpenter) 4:30
10.  You're Mine, You (John W. Green/Edward Heyman) 3:12
11.  Sweet Sue, Just You (Victor Young/Will J. Harris) 2:20
12.  A Taste of Honey (Bobby Scott/Ric Marlow) 3:01
13.  Think Beautiful (Jack Lawrence/Stan Freeman) 4:15
14.  I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet/Leon Luis) 3:24*
15.  Thin Beautiful (Jack Lawrence/Stan Freeman) 4:18*
* - bonus tracks

Chet Baker (Flugelhorn, Vocals)
Frank Stozier (Alto Saxophone, Flute) - 1,3,6,7,9
Phil Urso (Tenor Saxophone) - 1,3,6,7,9
Bob James (Piano) - 4,8,13-15
Hal Galper (Piano) - 1,3,6,7,9
Bobby Scott (Piano) - 2,5,10,12
Michael Fleming (Double Bass) - 1,3,5-9
Charlie Rice (Drums) - 1,3,4,6-9
Kenny Burrell (Guitar) - 2,5,10,11


  1. I don't think I've ever seen this Verve release before. Many thnaks for sharing it, itr!

    PS I've just seen that I need a password..can you tell me what it is , please. Thank you.

  2. Hi Headman,
    The pw is in the text file...

  3. Thanks very much. This album is new to me. Love Chet.

  4. Thank you very much. Your efforts are much appreciated.



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