Monday, July 30, 2012

Takis Barberis - Episodes

The composer and guitarist Takis Barberis and his quintet, consisting of the most renowned musicians on the Greek jazz scene, join forces and come up with thirteen jazz 'episodes'. Ethnic, jazz and rock are the ingredients of this elaborate acoustic concoction. The timeless rhythm and flowing music - entrancing and spellbinding - convey a most fascinating atmosphere against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. The two guest-stars, the world-acclaimed percussionist Trilok Gurtu and Petroloucas Chalkias, one of the most renowned clarinetists in Greece, add to the whole venture. - Product info

Artist: Takis Barberis
Album: Episodes
Year: 1995
Label: Lyra
Runtime: 57:07

1.  Allotropia 5:36
2.  Milos 6:33
3.  Always With The Last Impression 6:00
4.  Intermod 0:39
5.  Derti 7:11
6.  The Beauty And The Risk 4:32
7.  Love Ode 4:52
8.  Ok, Butl 6:04
9.  Which Way To The Exit 6:26
10.  Twin Intermod 1:17
11.  Secret No More 3:50
12.  Private 1:46
13.  For The Passed Away 2:16
All compositions by Takis Barberis

Takis Barberis (Guitar and Guitar-Synthesizer)
Takis Farazis (Piano, Accordeon and Keyboards)
Pandelis Benetatos (Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer)
Takis Paterelis (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone)
Yiannis Vassalos (Double Bass)
Costas Kalogirou (Drums)
Petros Kourtis (Percussion)
Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (Bass Guitar)
Yiannis Papayiannis (Oboe)
Trilok Gurtu (Drums, Tabla and Percussion)
Petros Loucas Chalkias (Clarinet)



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