Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Patton - The Organization!

Super 78-minute anthology of Patton's prime (1963-70) era, unfortunately released only in the U.K., drawn from nine albums. 1963's "Along Came John," and 1966's "Amanda," and the two cuts from his best album, 1965's Let 'Em Roll ("The Turnaround" and "Latona") are particular cookers, but the organ-guitar-horn groove is always solid, and the riffs basic but compelling. This is some of the best soul-jazz ever, usually featuring Grant Green on guitar, though a young James Ulmer takes over on axe for the 1970-era cuts. - by Richie Unterberger, AMG

Artist: "Big" John Patton
Album: The Organization! The Best of
Year: (1963-1970)
Label: Blue Note (1994)
Runtime: 78:03

1.  Along Came John (John Patton) 6:03
2.  Silver Meter (Ben Dixon) 5:38
3.  Bermuda Clay House (George Braithwaite) 5:57
4.  Jerry (John Patton) 6:43
5.  Hot Sauce (Unknown) 7:57
6.  Fat Judy (Ben Dixon) 7:40
7.  Amanda (Duke Pearson) 6:09
8.  The Turnaround (Hank Mobley) 6:45
9.  Latona (John Patton) 7:22
10.  Chitlins Con Carne (Kenny Burrell) 6:36
11.  Footprints (Wayne Shorter) 6:23
12.  Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris) 4:44

John Patton (Organ)
Fred Jackson (Tenor Saxophone) - 1,2,4
Harold Vick (Tenor Saxophone) - 1,2,6
Grant Green (Guitar) - 1-9
Ben Dixon (Drums) - 1-6
George Braith (Soprano Saxophone and Strich) - 3,5
Tommy Turrentine (Trumpet) - 3,5
Hugh Walker (Drums) - 7,10
Bobby Hutcherson (Vibes) - 8,9
Otis Finch (Drums) - 8,9
Marvin Cabell (Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Saxello) - 11,12
James Ulmer (Guitar) - 11,12
Richard Landrum (Conga) - 7
Harold Alexander (Flute and Tenor Saxophone) - 10
Richard Williams (Trumpet) - 4
Blue Mitchell (Trumpet) - 6
Larry Hancock (Drums) - 11
Leroy Williams (Drums) - 12


  1. Thanks very much!

  2. Very much thanks. Awesome. Love Patton. Especially when he slapped that kid for being afraid during the war. thanks.

  3. I just listened to this and I don't think this is General Patton. Must be his brother or something. Thanks. Great stuff.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful blog! And thanks for this compilation. John Patton is one of my favorite "old school" Hammond B-3 artists, along with Dr. Lonnie Smith. There were a number of tracks on here I hadn't heard before.



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