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The Chieftains - An Irish Evening

While there's nothing quite like seeing the Chieftains live in concert, An Irish Evening marks the next best thing. Recorded live over two evenings at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, the disc captures the group's eclectic, fun, and loving approach to traditional Irish music. American country-folk singer/songwriter Nanci Griffith (a huge star in Ireland in her own right) provides sweet vocals on "Little Love Affairs," "Red Is the Rose," and "Ford Econoline." The Who's Roger Daltrey sounds a tad awkward on the traditional "Raglan Road" and the music hall-ish "Any Old Iron," but delivers a fascinating trad-style acoustic rendition of his group's "Behind Blue Eyes." An Irish Evening will appeal to die-hard fans and, with the co-billing of Daltrey and Griffith, will likely attract a whole new audience as well. - by Roch Parisien, AMG

I don't know what the reviewer's problem is, but nobody in the Opera House this night was thinking about the British occupation, they were all too busy enjoying one of the best Chieftains live shows ever! Only Paddy and the Boys can meld rock, pop, country-folk, the dance and traditional Celtic music into one fantastic show like this. Daltrey's pub drinking style is PERFECT for the band, and the version of "Raglan Road" contained here is one of the best ever recorded. Nanci Griffith sounds like she could've been born in County Mayo. I would urge anyone to get a copy of this immediately, there's none better! A topnotch addition to any longtime fan's Cheiftains' CD collection or a good starter for those of you just beginning to get a taste for this worldclass Irish band's music. - by etreacy99, Amazon.com

Artist: The Chieftains
Album: An Irish Evening (Live at the Grand Opera House, Belfast)
Year: 1991
Label: BMG (1992)
Runtime: 71:16

1.  Dóchas/Kind of Laois/Paddy's Jig/O'Keefes/Chattering Magpie (Traditional) 9:18
2.  North Amerikay (Traditional) 4:08
3.  Lilly Bolero/The White Cockade (Traditional) 3:11
4.  Little Love Affairs (Nanci Griffith/James Hooker) 2:59
5.  Red is the Rose (Traditional) 3:26
6.  The Mason's Apron (Traditional) 5:20
7.  The Stone (Traditional) 6:32
8.  Miscellany: Theme from Tristan and Isolde/Súisín Ban/Goodmorning Nightcap/The Galway Races/The Jolly Tinker (Traditional) 8:55
9.  Raglan Road (Traditional) 5:22
10.  Behind Blue Eyes (Pete Townshend) 4:24
11.  Ó Murchú's Hornpipe/Sliagh Geal gCua na Feile/The Wandering Minstrel (Traditional) 4:17
12.  Damhsa (Traditional) 2:59
13.  Ford Econoline/Any Old Iron (Traditional) 10:19

Martin Fay (Fiddle)
Seán Keane (Fiddle)
Kevin Conneff (Bodhran, Vocals)
Matt Molloy (Flute)
Paddy Moloney (Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistle)
Derek Bell (Harp, Tioman, Keyboards)
Billy Nichols (Vocals)
Dave Early (Drums)
Clive Cuthberson (Bass)
Jean Butler (Traditional Irish Dancer) - 12
Nanci Griffith (Vocals) - 4,5,13
Roger Daltrey (Vocals) - 9,10,13

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