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Nueva Manteca - Afro Cuban Sanctus

The founder of Nueva Manteca is Jan L. Hartong who started the band in 1983. In the 90′s, journalist Raul Rico of the authoritative Latin Beat Magazine, praised the group as “Europe’s finest in Latin Jazz”. Many have followed him over the years, and not without reason. The group belongs to the top of the Latin scene as can be judged from USA radio playlists which regularly show a top ranking position for Nueva Manteca’s CD’s Nueva Manteca creates a synergy between Cuban music and Jazz music “pur sang”. The group is not “just another good latin jazz band” as there are so many these last few years, they are unique in performance, style and repertoire. Their – mostly own – arrangements and compositions show inventively, creativity and most all a musical spirit that’s really something! Nueva Manteca is the living example that the sum is more than the parts. And considering the parts resemble an international caliber and equally convincing soloist capacities of the individual member expect a sizzling and swinging show! Nueva Manteca shows what musical synergy is all about. - from

Artist: Nueva Manteca
Album: Afro Cuban Sanctus - Missa Salsa
Year: 1997
Label: Azucar
Runtime: 47:55

1.  Introitus 0:55
2.  Intro Rumba De Cajon 1:16
3.  Sanctus 1 4:33
4.  Kyrie 4:53
5.  Gloria 3:45
6.  Praise Song For Yemayea 4:48
7.  Credo 6:04
8.  Piano Intro De Crusificus 1:00
9.  Crusificus 3:21
10.  Togue De Bata Para Osun 0:46
11.  Praise Songs For Obatala 4:31
12.  Padre Nuestro 4:12
13.  Agnus Dei 5:18
14.  Sanctus 2 2:25

Mirjam Verheem (Vocals)
Delia Gonzalez (Vocals)
Miguel Montenegro (Vocals)
Hartog Eysman (Vocals)

Wim Both (Trumpet)
Rini Swinkels (Trumpet)
Jarmo Hoogendijk (Trumpet)
Ben van den Dungen (Tenor Saxophone)
Jan Laurens Hartong (Piano)
Leslie Lopez (Bass)
Claus Toft (Percussion)
Nils Fischer (Percussion)
Lucas van Merwijk (Drums and Percussion)
Guest musician:
Bart Platteau (Flute)

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