Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bert Jansch - Heartbreak

Herbert "Bert" Jansch (3 November 1943 – 5 October 2011) was a Scottish folk musician and founding member of the band Pentangle. He was born in Glasgow and came to prominence in London in the 1960s, as an acoustic guitarist, as well as a singer-songwriter. He recorded at least 25 albums and toured extensively from the 1960s to the 21st century. - from

Speaking personally I think this is one of the finest Bert albums, presenting his inimitable style and folk roots very well. His song selection is awesome, they are all about love and relationships, and definitely from the heart. Its a simply beautiful album, and i would highly recommend it. - by Superb, AMG

Artist: Bert Jansch
Album: Heartbreak
Year: 1981
Label: Hannibal
Runtime: 38:47

1.  Is It Real (Bert Jansch) 3:59
2.  Up To The Stars (Bert Jansch) 3:00
3.  Give Me The Time (Bert Jansch) 3:30
4.  If I Were A Carpenter (Tim Hardin) 2:53
5.  Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional)  4:53
6.  Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley/Mae Boren Axton/Tommy Durden) 2:37
7.  Sit Down Beside Me (Bert Jansch) 3:06
8.  No Rhyme Or Reason (Bert Jansch) 2:36
9.  Blackwater Side (Traditional)  3:38
10.  And Not A Word Was Said (Bert Jansch) 8:34

Bert Jansch (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal)
Albert Lee (Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin)
Randy Tico (Bass Guitar)
Matt Betton (Drums) - 1-5,7,8,10
Jack Kelly (Drums) - 6,9
Jennifer Warnes (Vocals) - 5


  1. Beautiful choice. Not one of Jansch's more widely known recordings, but each holds its own magical high points. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful! Every Jansch album is worth hearing and this is indeed one of the less often seen titles. Many thanks!

  3. Was looking forward to this one, as i saw some good songs in the tracklist! Unfortunately, Bert (or the record co.) seemed to be going for a *hit* with this one--and the songs are quite overproduced and slick and *hollow* sounding--but this was 1981 can't forget! Not even Albert Lee on electric guitar can save this! A shame that Bert felt the need to try to have *hits* and radio-accessible material but this was/is the record biz, after all!
    (Guess i know why i never heard of this album before--but i do appreciate you sharing it so we can listen at least!!!!)

  4. Just finished Avocet and look forward to hearing more of his "slick and hollow" music?? Thanks ;)

  5. Thanks for this!Many other great albums too.
    I've put you on my blog list.



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