Friday, April 13, 2012

Ronnie Scott - Live at Ronnie Scott's

Ronnie Scott's post bop modern playing was bold and authoritative, and he absorbed many influences including Zoot Sims, Stan Getz and Lester Young. He could play a powerful blues followed by an exquisite ballad with an instantly recognisable sound and style. He was always a jazz man, his bands and groups never compromised. His death in 1996, following a period of despair and inactivity, left a gap in British modern jazz. He has been much missed. He truly was the father of British modern jazz. - from

Artist: Ronnie Scott & The Band
Album: Live at Ronnie Scott's
Year: 1968
Label: Columbia (1999)
Runtime: 47:19

1.  Recorda Me (Remember Me) (Joe Henderson) 4:37
2.  King Pete (Laurie Holloway) 6:49
3.  Second Question (Kenny Wheeler) 7:22
4.  Marmasita (Joe Henderson) 6:30
5.  Too Late,Too Late (Mike Westbrook) 6:19
6.  Lord Of The Reddy River (Donovan Leitch) 5:10
7.  Macumba (Gordon Beck) 10:32

Ronnie Scott (Tenor Saxophone)
John Surman (Baritone and Soprano Saxophone)
Ray Warleigh (Alto Saxophone and Flute)
Kenny Clarke (Drums)
Gordon Beck (Piano and Organ)
Chris Payne (Trombone)
Ron Matthewson (Double Bass)
Kenny Wheeler (Trumpet and Flugelhorn)
Tony Oxley (Drums)


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