Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Larry Coryell - Fallen Angel

On Fallen Angel, Larry Coryell teams up with arranger Don Sebesky to produce a wide-ranging album full of sampled sounds and programmed tracks in an attempt to mix the old CTI sound of the '70s with the production techniques and rhythms of the '90s. "Inner City Blues" kicks things off with great promise, as Coryell jams over a pre-programmed rhythm track with background vocalists. On "(Angel on Sunset) Bumpin' on Sunset," he improvises along with a sampled Wes Montgomery, then turns Erroll Garner's classic "Misty" into a mid-tempo reggae jaunt through which he and pianist Mulgrew Miller travel lightly. The CTI connection is brought to the forefront with a remake of Deodato's "2001" hit called "Thus Spoke Z," on which the famous theme is implied but never stated. Other highlights include a funky, angular tribute called "Monk's Corner," Sebesky's attractive "I Remember Bill" and the solo "Westerly Wind." There are also two pleasant smooth jazz vocal pieces at the front of the album, the beautiful ballad, "Fallen," a duet between vocalists Klyde Jones and Jeanie Bryson, and the funky made-for-radio "Never Never," featuring saxophonist Richard Elliot and a vocal from Ms. Jones. - by Jim Newsom, AMG

Artist: Larry Coryell
Album: Fallen Angel
Year: 1993
Label: CTI
Runtime: 51:42

1.  Inner City Blues (Marvin Gaye/James Nyx) 3:31
2.  Fallen (Lauren Wood) 3:45
3.  Never Never (Don Sebesky/Klyde Jones) 3:34
4.  Angel on Sunset (Wes Montgomery/Don Sebesky) 5:40
5.  Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish) 0:54
6.  Misty (Erroll Garner) 4:31
7.  I Remember Bill (Don Sebesky) 3:07
8.  Pieta (Don Sebesky) 5:52
9.  Thus Spoke Z (Don Sebesky/Larry Coryell) 4:49
10.  Stella By Starlight (Ned Washington/Victor Young) 4:32
11.  Monk's Corner (Don Sebesky/Larry Coryell) 6:25
12.  Wersterly Wind (Larry Coryell) 2:03
13.  The Moon (Larry Coryell) 2:53

Larry Coryell (Electric Guitar)
Klyde Jones (Vocals) - 1-3
Jeanie Bryson (Vocals) - 2
Richard Elliot (Tenor Saxophone) - 2,3
Wes Montgomery (Electric Guitar) - 4
Mulgrew Miller (Piano) - 5,6,9
Ted Rosenthal (Piano) - 8,11
Chris Hunter (Alto Saxophone) - 9



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