Tuesday, April 17, 2012

John McLaughlin - Qué Alegria

The John McLaughlin Trio goes into the studio and broadens its stylistic range considerably in another musically satisfying, open-minded outing. Again, McLaughlin sounds rejuvenated and refreshed in this format, as he switches between acoustic guitar and a guitar synthesizer attachment that softens and rounds his attacks while creating some luminous timbres and textures. McLaughlin's on-again, off-again Indian kick rises prominently into view here as Trilok Gurtu's role broadens into that of an all-purpose percussionist, producing some amazing sounds as backdrops. Pastorius-influenced bassist Kai Eckhardt gets downright funky on "1 Nite Stand" but gives way to the equally accomplished Dominque Di Piazza on most tracks. Yes, there is even some fantastic straight-ahead blues grooving on "Hijacked" -- if one may be permitted to use the terms guitar synthesizer and straight-ahead in the same sentence. - by Richard S. Ginell, AMG

Artist: John McLaughlin Trio
Album. Qué Alégria
Year: 1992
Label: Polydor
Runtime: 64:46

1.  Belo Horizonte (John McLaughlin) 6:36
2.  Baba (Trilok Gurtu) 6:50
3.  Reincarnation (John McLaughlin) 11:54
4.  1 Nite Stand (John McLaughlin) 5:28
5.  Marie (Dominique di Piazza) 1:59
6.  Hijacked (John McLaughlin) 8:36
7.  Mila Repa (John McLaughlin) 7:33
8.  Qué Alegría (John McLaughlin) 10:33
9.  3 Willows (John McLaughlin) 5:13

John McLaughlin (Acoustic Guitar and Photon Midi Interface)
Trilok Gurtu (Percussion)
Dominique di Piazza (Bass Guitar)
Kai Eckhardt (Bass Guitar) - 3,4

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