Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jim Hall - Storyteller

Most of the music on this date (which emphasizes group originals) features guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Don Thompson and drummer Terry Clarke. The versatile Thompson switches to piano for a duet with Hall on "Circles" and on a quartet version (with Rufus Reid on bass) of "My Heart Sings." Nothing all that exciting or unexpected occurs during the CD reissue (which adds an additional song to the original LP), but virtually all of Hall's recordings (which tend to be harmonically sophisticated and quietly subtle) are worth acquiring. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Jim Hall's successful blend of contemporary and mainstream jazz should appeal to both camps on this well-crafted CD. Hall displays the subtle quiet lyricism that makes his guitar sound instantly identifiable. Gil Goldstein is a perfect choice on keyboards, because he uses synthesizer only to color rather than overpower a song, while avoiding schmaltz. Both "Beja-Flor" and the title track benefit from his contributions. Though his piano is frequently in the background, it matches Hall's hushed, effective guitar lines. Bassist Steve LaSpina and drummer Terry Clarke frequently lay out during the introductions and then enter to add either gentle shadings or full steam, if needed. One of Jim Hall's best CDs. - by Ken Dryden, AMG

Artist: Jim Hall
Album: Storyteller (CD1: Circles; CD2 All Across the City)
Year: 1981, 1989
Label: Concord Records (2002)
Runtime: 45:21 + 57:36

Circles tracks:
1.  (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings (Jean Marie Blanvillain/Henri Herpin/Harold Rome) 6:14
2.  Love Letters (Edward Heyman/Victor Young) 7:05
3.  Down From Antigua (Jim Hall) 6:43
4.  Echo (Jim Hall) 3:31
5.  I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke/Ira Gershwin) 4:45
6.  T.C. Blues (Terry Clarke) 4:06
7.  Circles (Don Thompson) 6:48
8.  Aruba (Jim Hall) 6:09

Jim Hall (Guitar)
Don Thompson (Piano, Double Bass)
Terry Clarke (Drums)
Rufus Reid (Bass) - 1

All Across the City tracks:
1.  Beija-Flor (Nelson Cavaquinho/Noel Silva/Tomaz, Augusto Jr.) 6:32
2.  Bemsha Swing (Denzil Best/Thelonious Monk) 5:13
3.  Prelude To A Kiss (Duke Ellington/Irving Gordon/Irving Mills) 4:51
4.  Young One (For Debra) (Jim Hall) 4:27
5.  R.E.M. State (Gil Goldstein) 5:35
6.  Jane (Jim Hall) 4:59
7.  All Across The City (Jim Hall) 5:32
8.  Drop Shot (Jim Hall) 5:33
9.  How Deep Is The Ocean? (Irving Berlin) 3:29
10.  Something Tells Me (Jane Hall)  5:00
11.  Big Blues (Jim Hall) 6:25

Jim Hall (Guitar)
Gil Goldstein (Keyboards)
Steve LaSpina (Bass)
Terry Clarke (Drums)


  1. Know neither of these albums, so thanks for the opportunity to check them out...



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