Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joey Calderazzo - Joey Calderazzo

A powerful trio outing, Joey Calderazzo's self-titled Columbia debut is comprised almost entirely of fine original compositions, in addition to Bill Evans' haunting "Time Remembered" and Michael Brecker's hard-swinging "Slings and Arrows." Bassist John Patitucci and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts provide an unwavering and hip rhythmic foundation for the blazing pianist. Calderazzo's tunes range from the richly contrasting waltz feels of "The Oracle," "Haiku," and "Catania" to the all-out uptempo fury of "Detonation." Combining melodic ingenuity, harmonic adventurism, and sheer aggressiveness of attack, Calderazzo's playing on this record stands as a yardstick against which all other post-bop pianists can be measured. - by David R. Adler, AMG

Artist: Joey Calderazzo
Album: Joey Calderazzo
Year: 1999
Label: Columbia/Sony (2000)
Runtime: 55:55

1.  The Oracle 8:51 
2.  Toonay 7:39 
3.  Haiku 5:55 
4.  Detonation 6:23 
5.  Time Remembered (Bill Evans) 6:38
6.  Catania 8:15 
7.  Sling and Arrows (Michael Brecker) 5:13
8.  The Charmer 6:57 
All songs written by J. Calderazzo except 5th and 7th

Joey Calderazzo (Piano)
John Patitucci (Double Bass)
Jeff "Tain" Watts (Drums)


  1. Thank you for this neat CD - I hadn't heard Joey C before. Exciting stuff.




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