Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bayuba Cante - Cheba

Bayuba Cante is a band of excellent musicians from eclectic and diverse musical backgrounds with a single aim in mind: keeping alive the African Yoruba tradition still found in Cuba. They remain true to the tradition, while using modernized musical styles. This Afro-Cuban music combines many different styles of music, being African, of course, Cuban, Latin, Brazilian, jazz, funk, flamenco, including Indian music. Each of the musicians brings to the band an expertise that make this most colorful music the most fascinating. Also the range of instruments used is as fascinating, being the cello, the Indian bansuri, the Iranian daf, and many more unusual instruments. Simply unique! - by Bruno Deschenes, AMG

Artist: Bayuba Cante
Album: Cheba
Year: 2000
Label: Network
Runtime: 55:49

1.  Cheba (Traditional) 5:56
2.  Badaue (Jeroen Van Hoof/Viviany Godoy) 5:08
3.  Yemaya (Traditional) 6:08
4.  Chenche Kururu (Traditional) 7:06
5.  Iya Made (Traditional) 5:36
6.  Iya Laguatrad (Traditional) 6:22
7.  Rumba Maltero (Adrian Elissen) 8:20
8.  Oyan Cara (Traditional) 5:38
9.  Afimaye Ilu (Traditional) 5:31

Leoni Santander (Vocals)
Martha Galarraga (Vocals)
Adrian Elissen (Acoustic Guitar, Palmas)
Jeroen v. Hoof (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Praful (Soprano and Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Bansuri, Vocals)
Liber Torriente (Drums)
Tjakina Oosting (Cello)
Afra Mussawisade (Percussion)
Sjahin During (Percussion)
Luis Luz (Timbales)
Viviany Godoy (Vocals)
Paulina May (Vocals)


  1. thanks very much for the album.
    a very jewel.

  2. The best world music discover in 2012. A true masterpiece.

    I don't remember something at this level in the last 5 years

    Many thanks to let me know this music

  3. Great album! This is what I was looking for. Thanks for the good work.

  4. Hey guys! I do never heard something like that, I felt in love!
    Do anyone here have the Orunmila's Dance by Bayuba Chante?
    Thanks a lot.



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