Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quincy Jones - I Dig Dancers

The French arm of Universal Music recently extended its remarkable “Jazz in Paris” series by releasing a number of classic French-made jazz albums on CD with original album covers, bonus tracks, new notes, all housed in beautiful gatefold digipak sleeves and available at tremendously affordable budget price points. Among the interesting, even historic, releases in this series – which mixes American leaders in Paris with French Leaders expounding upon the American art form – is the far too little-known Quincy Jones classic, I Dig Dancers!, much of which was recorded in Paris with an all-star group of American jazz icons.- from dougpayne.blogspot.com

Artist: Quincy Jones
Album: I Dig Dancers
Year: 1960
Label: Universal Music (2010)
Runtime: 46:57

1.  Pleasingly Plump (Quincy Jones) 2:18
2.  G'wan Train (Patti Bown) 6:22
3.  Moonglow (Eddie De Lange/Will Hudson/Irving Mills) 2:49
4.  Tone Poem (Melba Liston) 3:42
5.  You Turned the Tables on Me (Sidney Mitchell/Louis Alter) 2:32
6.  Chinese Checkers (D. Carr Glover Jr.) 2:43
7.  Our Love Is Here to Stay (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin) 3:13
8.  The Midnight Sun Will Never Set (Quincy Jones/Dorcas Cochran/Henri Salvador) 4:35
9.  Trouble on My Mind (William Boble) 2:33
10.  A Sunday Kind of Love (Barbara Belle/Anita Leonard/Stan Rhodes/Louis Prima) 2:35
11.  Parisian Thoroughfare (Bud Powell)  3:50
12.  Pleasingly Plump - First Take (Quincy Jones) 2:29
13.  G'wan Train - Short Version (Patti Bown) 3:00
14.  Close Your Eyes (Bernice Petkere) 2:07
15.  Blues from Free and Easy (Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer) 2:00

Quincy Jones (Arranger, Conductor)
Bennie Bailey (Trumpet)
Melba Liston (Trombone)
Quentin Jackson (Trombone)
Phil Woods (Alto Saxophone)
Jerome Richardson (Tenor Saxophone)
Sahib Shihab (Baritone Saxophone)
Patti Bown (Piano)
Les Spann (Guitar, Flute)
Buddy Catlett (Double Bass)
Lennie Johnson (Trumpet) - 3,6-12,14,15
Clark Terry (Trumpet) - 3,6-12,14,15
Floyd Standifer (Trumpet) - 3,6-12,14,15
Roger Guerin (Trumpet) - 3,6-12,14,15
Jimmy Cleveland (Trombone) - 3,6-12,14,15
Ake Persson (Trombone) - 3,6-12,14,15
Julius B. Watkins (French Horn) - 3,6-12,14,15
Porter Kilbert (Alto Saxophone) - 3,6-12,14,15
Budd Johnson (Tenor Saxophone) - 3,6-12,14,15
Joe Harris (Drums) - 3,6-12,14,15
Clyde Reasinger (Trumpet) - 1,2,4,5,13
Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet) - 1,2,4,5,13
Jerry Kail (Trumpet) - 1,2,4,5,13
Curtis Fuller (Trombone) - 1,2,4,5,13
Wayne Andre (Trombone) - 1,2,4,5,13
Joe Lopes (Alto Saxophone) - 1,2,4,5,13
Stu Martin (Drums) - 1,2,4,5,13


  1. Not an album I know at all - thanks!

  2. Check Q at David Letterman, what a luxury Big Band ! all the best calls from NY area :

    Thank you itr I'll take Q anytime.



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