Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Leaders - Unforeseen Blessing

Although the Leaders is a supergroup comprised of trumpeter Lester Bowie, altoist Arthur Blythe, tenor saxophonist Chico Freeman, pianist Kirk Lightsey, bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Don Moye, they fall far short of their potential on this Black Saint CD. Trumpeter Lester Bowie only gets to solo on a tongue-in-cheek version of "Blueberry Hill," and both Blythe and Freeman are very underutilized throughout the date. Pianist Lightsey is the dominant player on the 13 sketches, taking "In a Minute," "Now a Minute" and "Lightish" as unaccompanied solos, "Lucia" as a ballad for the trio and soloing throughout much of the 9½ minutes of "Heaven Dance."- by Scott Yanow, AMG

"As you walk through life
In a Minute you may see
the Hip Dripper looking for
Sun Precondition Five,
Throughout The Search
keep it kind of Lightsight
for you may see Sun Precondition Six,
And if you are pure in jeart
the Peacemaker may cause you
to Wait A Minute.

On the road to Agadir
you may indulge your self in aHeaven Dance.
Amd Now...A Moment
for Lucia,
Cecil's thrill on Blubery Hill." from the CD cover.

Artist: The Leaders
Album: Unforeseen Blessings
Year: 1989
Label: Black Saint
Runtime: 45:12

1.  In A Minute (Kirk Lightsey) 2:51
2.  Hip Dripper (Arthur Blythe) 3:35
3.  Sun Precondition Five (Famoudou Don Moye) 0:37
4.  The Search (Chico Freeman) 2:48
5.  Lightish (Kirk Lightsey) 1:22
6.  Sun Precondition Six (Famoudou Don Moye) 0:18
7.  Peacemaker (Cecil McBee) 6:34
8.  Wait A Minute (Chico Freeman/Lester Bowie/Cecil McBee) 2:35
9.  Agadir (Arthur Blythe/Famoudou Don Moye) 1:36
10.  Heavens Dance (Kirk Lightsey) 9:47
11.  Now A Moment (Kirk Lightsey) 0:49
12.  Lucia (Cecil McBee) 7:35
13.  Blueberry Hill (Al Lewis/Vincent Rose/Larry Stock) 4:42

Lester Bowie (Trumpet)
Arthur Blythe (Alto Saxophone)
Chico Freeman (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet)
Kirk Lightsey (Piano)
Cecil McBee (Double Bass)
Don Moye (Percussion)


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