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Gabriel Yared - Shamrock

Lebanon-born Gabriel Yared started his career as a pop composer and musical arranger for the likes of Michel Jonasz and Françoise Hardy. His first encounter with films occurred in 1973 with Samy Pavel's Miss O'Gynie et les Hommes Fleurs. Six years later, he was invited by Jean-Luc Godard to score Every Man for Himself. From there, Yared went on to compose up to seven scores a year. Unlike other prolific film composers, such productivity did not result in simple repetition; Yared sought his inspiration in various genres and styles, ranging from classics to folk, rock, and jazz. His moody saxophone compositions in Betty Blue and his score for The Lover, in which he experimented with Oriental instruments, were awarded Cesars (French Oscars). In 1996, he enjoyed another success with The English Patient, for which he was awarded an Oscar. - by Yuri German, AMG

This material: music for a ballet. Based on a Story by Carolyn Carlson and performed by the National Ballet of Amsterdam. Premiered at the Natonal Theatre of Amsterdam on October 15th 1987. All tracks written and arranged by Gabriel Yared.

Artist: Gabriel Yared
Album: Shamrock
Year: 1987
Label: Les Disques du crepuscule (1988)
Runtime: 39:33

1.  Temptation 2:13 
2.  A Short Tale 3:32 
3.  Sidetrack 4:01 
4.  Shamrock I 7:10 
5.  Poules 0:56 
6.  Bagpipes 4:29 
7.  Alleluia 4:08 
8.  Human Clock 6:42 
9.  Shamrock II 2:16 
10.  Gaité Parisienne 4:01 

Gabriel Yared (Composer, Arranger)

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